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NIA conducts multi location searches across 10 states; apprehends 44 in 4 human trafficking cases

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New Delhi.

In a big blow to human trafficking networks operating across 10 States and UTS, the National Investigation Agency, in close coordination with the Border Security Force (BSF) and State Police forces, conducted a comprehensive Operation across multiple states. The operation aimed at dismantling illegal human trafficking support networks involved in infiltration and settlement of illegal migrants across the Indo-Bangladesh border into Bharat.

Following registration of 4 Human trafficking cases at the NIA branches in Guwahati, Chennai, Bangalore, Jaipur, simultaneous and synchronised raids and searches were carried out at a total of 55 locations across the following States and union territories – 1. Tripura, 2. Assam, 3. West Bengal, 4. Karnataka, 5. Tamil Nadu, 6. Telangana, 7. Haryana, 8. Rajasthan, 9. Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, 10. Puducherry.

The initial case, was registered by the Assam Police’s Special Task Force (STF) and pertained to a human trafficking network responsible for the infiltration and settlement of illegal migrants across the Indo-Bangladesh border into Bharat, including those of Rohingya origin. The operations of this network extended into various parts of the country, including regions along the Indo-Bangladesh international border. Recognising the international and inter-State linkages of the case and its complexity, the NIA formally took charge of the investigations on 06.10.2023 by registering a case t the NIA Police Station in Guwahati.

NIA investigations in the case revealed that different modules of this illegal Human Trafficking network were spread over various States, including Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Haryana and Jammu & Kashmir and operating from there. In response to these investigational findings, the NIA registered three new cases to bust the modules of this extensive network based in different regions and States of the country.

Coordinated raids were executed in the early morning hours of 08.11.2023 as part of the ongoing Operation. During the searches, the NIA recovered various items of significance, including – Digital devices, such as mobile phones, SIM cards, and pen drives.

A significant number of identity-related documents, including Aadhar cards and Pan Cards, suspected to be forged.

Indian currency notes with a total value exceeding Rs. 20 lakhs.

Foreign currency amounting to 4550 USD.

Subsequent to Operations, a total of 44 operatives have been apprehended and arrested by the NIA. These arrests were made across various states as follows – 21 in Tripura, 10 in Karnataka, 05 in Assam, 03 in West Bengal, 02 in Tamil Nadu, 01 in Puducherry, 01 in Telangana, 01 in Haryana.

Further investigations into the activities and modus operandi of these illegal Human Trafficking networks would continue to dismantle the entire ecosystem of these networks.

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