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NIA in court – PFI raised Rs 9.10 crore for weapons training, Kerala leaders conducted sessions

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NIA has unearthed evidence of illegal fund collection amounting to Rs 9.10 crore solely for training camps associated with the banned terrorist organization, Popular Front of India. Investigations reveal that youths from Bengaluru and Telangana, upon joining PFI, received weapons training from leaders hailing from Kerala.

Under the guise of meetings, weapons training sessions were conducted, instructing young men on how to wield lethal weapons effectively. PFI’s agenda included calls for retaliatory killings of Hindu leaders in response to any attacks against PFI members and leaders.

These findings were presented by the National Investigation Agency while opposing the bail application filed by seven accused individuals in the NIA special court in Bengaluru. PFI’s rhetoric extends to branding RSS and Hindu leaders as enemies, with the ultimate aim of liberating Bharat from democratic rule by 2047, as per the organization’s assertions.

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