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Nominated Senate members were blocked by SFI in Calicut Varsity; LoP says, CM threatens him

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CPM leads Kerala to anarchy?

Calicut, Kerala (VSK).

CPM’s enmity towards Governor Arif Mohammed Khan increases day by day. The other day, their student wing SFI declared that Governor would not be permitted to step into any university campus in Kerala.

On December 21, SFI men blocked the Governor-nominated Calicut University Senate members when they reached the campus gate for attending the Senate meeting. Nine Senate members including Balan Pootheri, a blind Padmasree laureate and author of 214 books, was one among them. What is their disqualification? The blocked Senate members told the media that they had informed the Vice Chancellor that they had arrived at the gate and were blocked there by SFI men. But they did not get any help. SFI men allowed only 9 out of 18 nominees to the Senate. They included members belonging to CPM, Congress and Indian Union Muslim League (IUML). SFI men had taken control of the gate and began questioning the new members and found out their identity.

Meanwhile VC conducted the Senate meeting for 30 minutes and 5 items of the agenda were taken up and passed. Congress and IUML members complained that they were passed sans considering the protest from the student members.

Once the meeting was over, police came out with the drama of arresting the SFI men. In another words, they facilitated the ‘non entry’ for the nominees to the Senate meeting. Still CPM, DYFI and SFI claim that they are democrats!

Governor Arif Mohammed Khan has already sought legal action against the most unacceptable SFI action. Observers say, Governor had only acted in conformity with the constitutional right in nominating the qualified persons to the Varsity body.

On December 20 and 21, capital city of Thiruvananthapuram witnessed street wars between police and the Congress youths, thanks to the violent protest marches of Youth Congress and Kerala Students Union, the Kerala chapter of NSUI respectively. They were protesting against the attacks by DYFI and CPM goons and even the gunman of the CM when they (Youth Congress men) waved black flags to the luxury bus carrying the entire Cabinet in connection with the much-publicised Nava Kerala Sadas. In the first incident, DYFI men attacked Youth Congress men with plant pots, iron rod and helmets causing head injuries. CM Pinarayi Vijayan still justifies those attacks. He says, it was the ‘rescue operations’ of the DYFI men, ‘otherwise bus might have hit them (Youth Congress men)’. And, he went to the extent of calling on the party men to repeat it whenever it is necessary. In several places, DYFI men attacked Youth Congress protesters. The other day, Youth Congress men, while waving black flags, were beaten brutally by the CM’s gun man; an unprecedented incident! Even a physically challenged Youth Congress leader was beaten brutally and dragged away. Those scenes are viral in social media. Still CM keeps on saying that he did not see such incidents.

Now, since CM has let loose the DYFI and SFI goons, he is in a catch 22 situation. Because media reports suggest that the central as well as state intelligence reports say, Governor’s route was leaked to the SFI men from within the police. Since the Union Government has taken up the matter seriously, if central forces come to the state for the security of the Governor, it will push the state government to an awkward situation.

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