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On what purpose the state government expands the number of TTD Board members as special invitees? – Tirumala Tirupati Sanrakshan Samiti

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Andhra Pradesh. The Tirumala Tirupati Sanrakshan Samiti has issued a scathing statement directly questioning the attitude of the Andhra Pradesh state govt in turning the Tirumala Tirupati Temple into a job creation center for the politically unemployed by adding some more special invitees to the board of trustees of the Tirumala Tirupati Temple which is already known as the Jumbo Governing Body. The Tirumala Tirupati Sanrakshan Samiti has raised a number of questions on the attitude of TTD. Hari Krishnamurthy, District President, Tirumala Tirupati Sanrakshan Samiti, Chittoor District issued A statement to this effect. Summary of that statement is…..

Recently, the Andhra Pradesh state government has appointed 24 trustees, 52 special invitees and 4 ex-officio members as TTD trustees through G.O numbers 245, 568, 569. One argument is that there is no word on special invitees in the TTD rules. In 2005, the then Chief Minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy appointed PVRK Prasad as special invitee during a controversy running over pagan propaganda in Thirumala. PVRK Prasad is credited with solving many difficult problems in accordance with the rules of morality. Even during his tenure as E.O he made many good decisions.

Each time The Andhra Pradesh government is increasing the number of special invitees to the TTD Board of Trustees. In an old movie all the legislators were chief ministers! Will such a situation come up in TTD?

The saints and devotees want TTD to be a Hindu shraddha kendra and a center of Dharma propaganda, providing the necessary facilities to the devotees and the god in accordance with the rules of Dharma under the guidance of Dharmacharyas. For the last several years the ruling party in the state has been giving TTD board members position to those who cannot be given positions in government. There is no value to aspirations of the Dharmacharyas and the devotees on the appointments of the state governments. The members consider themselves it is a great fortune to become Trustees in TTD. The idea of many members is that they can make darshan many times with their family members and can give the chance to their friends and relatives. Already the employees of TTD have forgotten that they are devotees, working in a great temple. Feeling and acting like lifeless government employees. Serving to this large number trustees on the occasion of their arrival and making arrangements to take darshan to them and their friends and relatives will be a very big headache and hectic work to the employees.

The state government has appointed trustees, according to the views of leaders of various parties and state governments. The state government may be happy by making these actions to avoid the criticism for their inappropriate decisions in TTD. How many of these members of TTD will help to run the daily activity of the temple properly and allows the E.O. to work uninterruptedly. Already TTD funds are being diverted to non-charitable activities. How many of these trustees are now aware and Conscious of the manipulations taking place in TTD? TTD is nothing but a mini State government. In such an Institution How many trustees are experts in the management?

In this scenario, Tirumala Tirupati Sanrakshan Samiti feels that the time has come to remove the management responsibility of the temples from the state government. The time is also coming for the abolition of the Endowments department. The Tirumala Tirupati Samrakshan Samiti also calls on the elders and devotees to work in this direction.

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