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Organizations like the PFI and Tablighi Jamaat should be banned immediately: Bajrang Dal protest across the country

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New Delhi. Organizations like the Popular Front of India (PFI) and Tablighi Jamaat that ignite radical Jihadi violence, atrocities, persecutions and invadism in the country, should be proscribed immediately. In places where the Hindu society has been rendered a minority, adequate protective cover should be ensured for it.

Bajrang Dal has made these demands in a memorandum conveyed to the Mahamahim Rashtrapati on June 16, 2022 through the good offices of the administrative heads at the district headquarters across the country.

Working President of VHP and Senior Advocate Alok Kumar said that in the cases of Nupur and Naveen, until and unless the court of law pronounces them guilty of some crime, they should not and cannot be held as guilty. He was addressing a Dharna (sit-in) of Bajrang Dal at Sunderbani, Jammu & Kashmir.

Warning and counselling the Jihadi and dogmatic leadership, he also said that they should not push the common Muslim to the path of violence by misdirecting them after Friday prayers or on other occasions.

He said he also wanted to tell those who made hate speeches like ‘Remove Police for 15 Minutes’ that this is Bharat of 2022. Today’s government is competent enough to uphold the rule of law and prosecute illegal actions in the country. The Hindu society also knows how to deal with the criminal offense of hooliganism or disorderly conduct while exercising its right to defence of body and property.

While addressing a programme of the Bajrang Dal workers at Rohtak, Haryana, VHP’s Central Joint General Secretary, Dr. Surendra Jain said that the Jihadi elements should desist from the orgy of violence. Violence and atrocities against Hindus have now to be completely stopped.

The National Convener of Bajrang Dal, Sohan Singh Solanki said on the occasion that the Bajrang Dal has always accepted the challenges of violent and terrorist elements and their organizations. If the attacks on Hindu society do not stop, Bajrangis know very well how to deal with them!

On the occasion of its nationwide dharna, the Bajrang Dal demanded in its memorandum conveyed to the President of Bharat/India that the possessed Jihadi mobs and attackers that came out of the mosques after their Jumme ki Namaz (Friday prayers) to attack the innocent and unsuspecting people and their assets on June 3 and 10, should be identified and exemplary action taken against them under the National Security Act (NSA).

The Bajrang Dal demanded that the people delivering hate speeches to poison the minds of the people against Maa Bharati and the national society should be identified and strict action taken against them. Those who are being given death threats should immediately be provided protection and strict legal action taken against those giving threats. The mosques and madarsas, from where the possessed and violent mobs spill out onto the streets with satanic mindsets and intentions should also be investigated by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) – the primary counter-terrorist task force of Bharat.

The memorandum also says that although no festival of Hindus normally remains without being the target of terror of Jihadists, but this year the menacing and sinister attacks on the celebrations and processions of Varsh Pratipada (Hindu New Year Day/Samvat 2079/April 2), Shri Ram Navami (Happy Birthday of Sri Ram) and Hanuman Jayanti (Happy Birthday of Bajrangbali Hanuman) broke all records. The indoctrinated extremist spilled out onto the streets from the mosques and began destroying the houses, shops, vehicles, temples of Hindus, government properties and other national assets. Several security personnel were also badly injured. Threats like ‘Sar tann se judaa’ (‘Let the head be separated from the torso’; meaning beheading/ assassination) were also given to many people. Hindu values were scoffed at, publicly abused and the leaders of the pseudo-secular fraternity and Muslim organizations remained unspoken and hushed on all these things, which is not in the interest of the country.

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