करंट टॉपिक्स

Our holistic and altruistic Kulaachaar (culture) should flourish

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Junagarh. President of Akhil Bharatiya Sadhu Samaj, Ven. Swami Muktanand Ji Maharaj said, “we want our nation to continue to guide the world. The country should progress in science, technology and engineering. There should be environment and ecology-friendly sustainable economic development and affluence of the country. Our holistic and altruistic Kulaachaar (culture) should flourish, so that the world gets to enjoy happiness, health and blessedness. We can also lay down our lives for the nation and country in which we were born and brought up. Let there be no dispute in the country – all Hindus are our own flesh and blood, kins, Rishi Santaans!”

On this occasion, the International Working President of VHP, Senior Advocate Alok Kumar Ji said, “VHP works on the guidance of saints. The purpose of this meeting has been fulfilled even simply by the gathering of the Karyakartas after the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns. This century is the Hindu century. During these 3-day stay here together for the Board of Trustees meeting, we will remember our resolve and bolster our firmness and drive. VHP is turning 60 (in 2024 CE). On this occasion, we will consider enhancing the growth and quality of our work. We will consider boosting up the works of Dharmaprasar (home-coming of converted brethren), Bajrang Dal and Durga Vahini. VHP, which is also concerned about the Hindu diaspora, will think of enhancing its international coordination activities. He said that there would be a massive campaign to bring back to their Swadharma the Hindu brethren whose forefathers had been compelled to become Muslims through force, fraud and allurement a few generations back.

We will proceed in the direction of working on Dharmaprasar, Dharmacharya, Math-Mandir (Monasteries-Temples), Archak-Purohits and Dharmayatras (Pilgrimages). Through the Hitachintak campaign, 40-50,00,000 Hitachintaks (well-wishers) will be made. We will try to bring the spirit of harmony in society. When a tribal converts, he/she leaves behind and lets down all his/her indigenous deities and traditions, so he/she should not get the facilities of reservation – we will try to ensure this. Not only this, we will work on a comprehensive plan to protect the environment & ecology. Christians have persecuted, conducted genocides and mass executions for 350 years. So, when the Pope comes visiting Bharat next, he should apologize for all this and also showing respect for all religions should declare to stop horizontal religious conversions in Bharat. Hind di Chaadar Guru Tegh Bahadur ji had sacrificed his life for protecting Hindus from Mughal tyranny. Therefore, to propagate his teachings, we will organize programmes and conferences across the country!”

In the inaugural programme of the Trust Board meeting held at the premises of Swami Narayan Suvarna Mukhya Mandir of Junagadh were present Ven. Swami Shri Sadguru Kothari Devnandan Das ji, Ven. Prem Swaroop Pramukh Swami Ji, Ven. Swami Muktanand Ji (President of Akhil Bharatiya Sadhu Samaj), President of VHP Padmashri Dr. RN Singh ji, Secretary General Shri Milind Parande ji, office bearers from Germany, Thailand, Bangladesh, Nepal and other senior officers of VHP.

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