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Pakistan – Hindu woman brutally murdered and beheaded; Breast chopped off; Skin peeled

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Islamabad. Hindu woman is reported to be beheaded in Pakistan. The incident took place at Sinjaro town in Sindh region Pakistan. Daya Bhel, a 40year old woman has been killed brutally. The news has come out through the twitter account of Krishna Kumari, the first woman senate elected from Hindu religion in the country.

The Pakistan People Party leader said that skin was peeled off from the victim’s body and face. The woman is survived by four children.

Daya’s skin was peeled completely from her body and face. Her breast was chopped off. And after this, she was beheaded. Her body was found separated from the head. Krishna Kumari tweeted that she had visited Daya’s village and the police reached the location where the murder took place.

Daya’s body was found on Wednesday, from a field nearby her house. Police informed that the case is still going on. Meanwhile, the details about the murderers are yet to be received.

Earlier in March, an 18-year-old Hindu woman from Sindh was shot dead and her body thrown on the streets while she resisted her killer. News reports from Pakistan claimed that Pooja’s killer Wahid Bux Lashari wanted to convert her to Islam before marrying her. Lahiri forcefully entered Pooja’s house and tried to abduct her but she refused. After which an enraged Lahiri killed her.


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