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Pakistani Hindu girl’s struggles in Pak – “Was told every single day to convert to Islam, eat beef, forced to read Quran”

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Growing up as a Pakistani Hindu in a predominantly Muslim nation, the young girl faced relentless pressure to convert to Islam. Recounting her early years, she described how, during her elementary and middle school days, she was told every single day to embrace Islam.

A video of a young Pakistani Hindu girl is going viral in which she has spoken about her experiences as a religious minority in Pakistan, revealing the challenges she faced and the religious coercion she endured from a young age.

“I am a Pakistani Hindu, and I want to tell you something about my experience to my Muslim friends and to my Hindu friends, right? When I was little, like in elementary and middle school, I was told every single day to convert to Islam. Every single day. And I can put my hands on Shiv Bhagwan right now. I was told to convert.”

It was not just her but also her brother who had to face physical abuse. “My brother was bullied, I was hit. My brother was forced to eat beef. So, and yeah, they would try to put beef in my food too. But I was too smart for that. So, you know, I didn’t say anything at that time because I was really scared. We were a minority.”

She vividly recalled being labelled a “Kafir,” a derogatory term used to denigrate non-Muslims. “I did learn. Another thing from that experience was that people will use religion to hate on communities because I was also called a Kafir. I don’t care. Yeah, I’m a Kafir. Don’t follow your religion. Don’t like. Do you think I don’t know what a Kafir means?”

Despite being a Hindu, she was enrolled in a Catholic school, where she was compelled to study the Quran. “You know, I’m a Pakistani Hindu, so I know about. I have read the Quran. I know about Islamic teachings. I was in a Catholic school, a Hindu, and I was forced to learn the Quran. And you know why that? Because they said I was not going to pass the 10th grade, 11th grade or get into the board exams.”

She explained that respecting others’ religious beliefs is essential but maintained her unwavering conviction in her own faith. “Do you think I don’t know your religion? I know your religion. I know the fundamental aspects of it. I respect that you follow it. But let me make it very clear that I will never, ever follow your religion. And that is how that is the utmost respect. That is utmost respect. I will never follow your religion.”

“Because I just don’t believe in anything that is taught there. And that’s fine. People can have different beliefs, right? Religion is not about compulsion. That is one of the things in there. Compulsion is what I felt in that country. So, no, I don’t believe in the fundamental aspects of it,” she concluded.

This is not one story. There are several stories of Pakistani Hindus which are more horrifying than this. However, no one is concerned about them.

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