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PFI WhatsApp Group for Media Men?

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Kerala (VSK).

There are reports that more details are coming up since NIA interrogated some media men. That is, WhatsApp group of media men having allegiance to extremist ideologies. NIA has reportedly found out that the group discussed the WhatsApp hartal (called for by Islamic extremists), anti-CAA agitation, Lakshadweep issues, and so on. NIA also traced that these media men were fabricating news stories based on the group discussions. Reports also suggest that a woman media person, who had reacted loudly to the Lakshadweep issues, was one among them.

It is a well-known fact that Kerala is the largest terrorist recruiting state, in the entire country. And, several sleeper cells are working in the state. NIA has interrogated six media men including a visual media man in Kerala. He had spent most of his career outside Kerala. He had close interaction with Siddiq Cappan who was jailed for alleged anti-national activities. Naturally he was on the radars of NIA and central intelligence agencies. NIA had started to monitor the media-men strictly since union government banned PFI. NIA is expected to interrogate more media-men in the days to come.

Media men in the country, in general, and Kerala in particular, always talk on top of their voice from the rooftops that they are a privileged class, thanks to the ‘press of freedom’ derived from ‘Freedom of Expression’ enshrined in our Constitution. Some of them believe that it authorizes them to go to the extent of supporting anti-national forces. If Siddiq Cappan is arrested they shout for freedom of press and are ready to move the court. But, if Janam TV crew is manhandled in JNU campus they keep mum. In another words, they wield their privilege in selective manner.

Recently there were reports of SDPI’s Club House discussions on PFI ban and the confiscation of PFI properties to compensate the damages caused by the ‘Flash Hartal’ of September 23, 2022. Total damage is calculated to be Rs 5.20 crores. According to the reports, Club House discussion was dominated by challenges against the Union Government and the confiscation of PFI assets.

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