करंट टॉपिक्स

Poster Campaign to Ignite Terrorism

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Alappuzha, Kerala (VSK). After the ban on Popular Front of India by union government, religious fundamentalists are in the field to ignite religious fanaticism and hatred; but now they are in different colours and in different names. In Alappuzha, it is under the banner of Wahadat-e-Islami. They propagate communal sentiments and hatred. Postering is the medium of their propaganda.

These sorts of activities are taking place in the strongholds of PFI. Their venomous propaganda is against the union government who banned PFI and the media which exposes their anti-national activities.

These activities are meant to impress the people that they are still active. There are reports that they are secretly propagating the hate sentiments against other religions for leading the youths to religious terrorism.

But police still have not moved even a little finger to find out the forces behind the poster campaign. Even common people maintain that police has turned a big zero in checking PFI strongholds and prominent workers. Now, SDPI, the political offshoot of PFI, tries to intervene in people’s issues for getting their support.

It is reported that SDPI’s anti-narcotic activities are in this direction. SDPI carries out anti-narcotic activities while allegations are ripe that the illegal flow of narcotics and gold to Kerala is for funding religious terrorism.

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