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Ram Katha tradition among the Khamti Tribes

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The Ram Katha tradition among the Khamti tribe of Namsai district in Arunachal Pradesh describes about the “Prince of Ayodhya”.

The Khamtis are the few among innumerable communities in Arunachal Pradesh to have their version of Ram Katha. Known as “Cao-Alang-Lamang” (The Story of Ram’s Incarnation) or “Lik-Cao-Lamang” has been written in Tai Khamti language and the manuscript is preserved in the Dikrong Borkhamti Buddhist Vihara of Narayanpur in Lakhimpur district of Assam. This version has close similarity with the Ramkatha tradition of Southeast Asia too. Besides this, the Khamtis have numerous folk tales based on the epics of Ramayana and Jataka tales of Bodhisattva.

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