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Ram Mandir will be collapsed in the future and Masjid will be built there; Maulana Sajid Rasheedi’s communal comments

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New Delhi. The Islamic organisation leader has come up with communal comments. It is Sajid Rasheedi, The All India Imam Association president, who said that the Ram Mandir will collapse in the future and the Masjid will appear in that position. Strong protests are being continued on his comment.

Sajid said this while giving an interview to a private channel. After 50-100 years, the next generation of Muslims will understand the destruction and the Ram Mandir. If a Muslim ruler comes to power in India in the future, he will demolish the Ram Mandir and build a mosque there. Sajid said that this is certain. Apart from this, he had also said that the Prime Minister had violated the constitution by laying foundation to the Ram Mandir.

Meanwhile, strong protests are being raised on his comments. It is said that his comments are strong enough to create communal issues in the society.

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