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Religious conversion in Uttar Pradesh – Accused targets youth through the gaming App ‘Fortnite’

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Ghaziabad. One accused in Uttar Pradesh was arrested by the UP police for influencing youth through an online game platform, Fortnite, and forcibly converting their religion. Moulavi Abdul Rahman was arrested in the case of forced conversions of boys from Hindu and Jain religions in UP, and another accused Shanavas Khan, a native of Maharashtra is absconding.

Uttar Pradesh police arrested the accused after conducting a detailed investigation into the complaint received on May 30 that the children were subjected to forced religious conversion. Accused was arrested under the prohibition of forcible conversion of religious act. They converted a minor boy from the Jain religion and two boys from the Hindu community. Ghaziabad DCP Nipun Agarwal has said that clear digital evidence and statements have been found in relation to this case.

The accused carried out religious conversion activities by targeting teenagers through the online game ‘Fortnite’. ‘As a part of their strategy at the beginning, they will make friendships with children through fake IDs with Hindu names. Then they will ask the teenagers to recite Quranic verses to win the game. The police clarified that this was the method used for forcibly converting the teenagers by the accused.

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