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Resurgence, a continuous process – Dr. Aniruddha Deshpande

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Around 500 enthusiastic listeners were part of a Meet ‘Resurgent Bharat – The future depends on what we do in the present’ in Chennai on 2nd February, organized by IT Milan, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Chennai.  Dr. Anirudha Deshpande, Akhil Bharatiya Sampark Pramukh, RSS, Sridhar Vembu, Founder & CEO, Zoho Corporation, Chandrasekar, Sanghchalak Chennai Mahanagar were on dais.

Ramprasad sang an inaugural song. ShriPrasad, in his welcome address thanked Sridhar Ji, Gopal Srinivasan, Chairman and Managin Director TVS Capital Funds for standing firm in attending this meet and Jagannathan, Managing Director, Ramaniyam Real Estate, for hosting the event in the auditorium despite the mischief made by certain twitter handles.

Sridhar Ji, in his speech, stressed the importance of learning in mother tongue. He shared his experiences from China, Japan and Germany. These countries never fell back on technology despite having most of their curriculum in their mother tongue. Coming from a humble background, he studied in a tamil medium school and rose to become CEO of his company. He reiterated that a resurgent Bharat cannot be dependent on others when it comes to technology. Sridhar Ji, quoted he is very much inspired by the Japanese history in technology development. This country needs entrepreneurs who put the country first. He told the gathering that Zoho has newly launched a medical equipment unit. As most of the medical equipment used in our country is imported there is lack of leadership and entrepreneurs in this field. He pointed out to look for opportunities in field of imports, identify needs and develop that industry indigenously.

India as a land has more to offer to this world, both economically and spiritually. We will be the youngest country in the world by 2024. Since history, we are a knowledge driven society. Many graduates will be churned out in various skills, technology and specializations in the years to come. There will be a huge surge for need of jobs by this young crowd who come out with many aspirations. We, as a technology society must generate jobs to feed their aspirations. From Job seekers we should graduate to Job-Givers. Every developed country, every technologically advanced country has developed their own technologies and never dependent on other’s advanced technologies. Economy is not just GDP, but a holistic concept encompassing cultural and societal aspects way of life. Indian economy is very different from that of the west. It is important that we devise our own economic principles, develop our own technologies that align with our country’s way of thoughts.

Dr. Anirudha Ji delivered the key note address. He started with the concept of Globalisation being looked at as a saviour for all worldly problems. Quoting Mahatma Gandhi’s words, he said Swadeshi means look for the ones available near you. For a product search, look of it is available in your village, city, zilla, next state and then gradually move on to the international market. Do not immediately jump on international brands. That is how a country’s economy will grow.

Resurgence is a continuous process. It denotes the collective will of a nation to grow proportionately. Every growth cannot be termed as development but every development is growth.

Uttering the word ‘Bharat’ kindles our national pride. Not only material development is our growth, but also the spiritual development. Spirituality is development of mind. It is a part of mindset of people to help others, see their joy and sorrows. Spirituality is the crux of matter in resurgence. He expressed concern over rural migration to urban areas. In the state of Maharashtra alone, the migration has grown over 18% in a year. Having said that, we are a developing nation but still a rural country, more than 65% of our population live in villages. Passing with the economic slowdown, we are the fastest growing economy. To be self-reliant, role of agriculture is the crux of our economy, he said. Corroborating this with demographic dividend, that our young population’s capacity needs to be channelized to productive tasks, else there is a huge venue of this crowd getting into wrong hands.

We take immense pride in our National security, Be it Balakot or Uri our army has made us proud and we are happy to announce that we are Indians. Our PM Modi Ji gets huge welcome wherever he goes. We are proud of that. In a similar way, we as technocrats needs to give back to the country and make our country proud. This can be only done if education is available equally to all young population of this country. He expressed worry over the divide in the society due to education affordability and education is now commercial. One who has more, can afford better education and the one with no or lesser money affords an offbeat standard of education. There is a challenge to resurgence.

The National Education Policy framed by this Government is a milestone. He insisted that our children must learn 3 languages – Mother tongue as a medium, English and any other Bharatiya Bhasha (Indian Language). It is a pity in some states that one can graduate without knowing the treasured literature in their mother tongue. If one does not know mother tongue, how will he learn literary gems like Gnaneshwari, Ramadas, Thirukkural written in their maatru bhasha.

In international diaspora, spirituality is turning into several aspects. Yoga is one such. Spiritual leaders are doing lot of service and enlightening the society with spiritual knowledge.

Democratisation is strengthening because of public participation. 9 crore people gave up their subsidy on LPG which paved way to allot more LPGs to new rural users. This is a model to the world and resurgence lies here. Government has a great role in resurgence.

Next, he discussed the challenges this country faces in the process of Resurgence. It is considered as revolutionary to erase identities in our country. But identities are not to be blamed, but separatism sprung out from identities are to be condemned.

This separatism leads to Polarisation in every single issue leading to raise in intolerance in the society. Women power can never be looked down in this country, they have contributed right from Ekal Vidyalaya to Space technology in our nation. But the raising violence against women is a matter of concern, Value systems in education curriculum needs to be strengthened.

RSS believes in holistic development of this country, organizing inclusive Hindu society as a whole. When the word “Hindu” is spelt, it never represents a religion but the culture, way of life of this country unlike anti-Islam or anti-Christian as some mischief mongers state. RSS is an organised society within a society. With 1,70,000 Seva Projects RSS is the world’s largest voluntary organisation in the world. Hindutva that RSS speaks is not about religion but a larger concept encompassing our culture, cultural history, patriotism and love towards our country, RSS believes in collective strength to re-surge our land. We as sons and daughters to our Bharat Mata have certain duties to be fulfilled towards her. RSS invites this technology crowd to join hands to help every son/daughter to perform his/her duties towards this country.

Tamilnadu is a land of temples with tall Gopurams, the state where Swami Vivekananda got enlightenment after 3 days and 3 nights of Tapasya, that spiritual strength is Tamilnadu. It is the land of Tiruvalluvar and Bharatiyar. We remember all sants from TN in our Ekatmata Stotram. Being a very patriotic state, this has contributed many soldiers to Netaji’s Azad Hind Fauz. He appealed that States like Tamilnadu should help other states, resolve differences while keeping its identity intact.

There was a Question and Answer Session followed by the key note address. On a question to rising urban naxalism in certain pockets of Tamilnadu; is RSS restricted for Hindu religion and any platform for non-Hindu religion? Dr. Aniruddha said that Sangh is not based on religious consideration. The word ‘Hindu’ refers to cultural aspect and cultural similarities as a ‘way of life’. When we look on this aspect, the question of different platform does not arise. RSS welcomes anyone and it is one platform for all nationalists.

Answering the question on urban naxals, Sridhar ji mentioned the growing loneliness amidst crowd in the cities is a really daunting thing. This loneliness, growing frustration makes youngsters working alone in the city fall prey in the hands of aggressive leftist naxals. The idea to be fathomed to this productive crowd is to live well and give back. He added that in addition to being the great Indian middle class, apart from paying taxes, contribute your technology, know how to this society. We are proud when an Indian is announced as CEO or Head of an American MNC. But a small town or district misses that India CEO’s leadership. He appealed once this great Indian middle class NRIs, the top soil in technical knowledge has acquired enough to live well, to please look back at India and contribute back to it. Living well is not synonymous with frivolous expenditure, he added.

Meeting concluded with vote of thanks by Sudarshan Ji and Shanthi mantra by Sarvothaman from IT Milan.

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