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Rights of Scheduled casts can’t be robbed; will expose thru mass awareness -VHP

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New Delhi. The slicing demand to steal the benefit of reservation to allocate it to the converts from the scheduled communities is not only anti-constitutional and anti-national, but also a daylight operation of dacoity on the rights of the Scheduled Castes.

Speaking to the media, Dr. Surendra Jain, Joint General Secretary of VHP said that missionaries and Maulvis restate ad nauseum that there is no discrimination in their religions on the basis of castes and none remains backward any longer after joining their fold. Despite this, when they continually demand reservation for the converts, not only is their claim of equality proved hollow, but their mala-fide intentions also get exposed. Ensuring justice is not their intent but, getting an absolutely free runway to accelerate the process of horizontal religious conversion is their agenda. This unreasonable demand is not only a plot against social justice but also against the basic spirit of the Constitution.

Dr. Jain said that in 1932, while sealing the Poona Pact, Dr. BR Ambedkar and Mahatma Gandhi had agreed on reservation for Scheduled Castes. Unfortunately, since 1936, the X’ian missionaries and the Maulvis (clerics) have unceasingly been raising the demand for reservation for the converted scheduled community persons from the streets to the Parliament. In 1936, Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Ambedkar held this demand as unfounded and unwarranted. When this demand was raised again in the Constituent Assembly, Dr. Ambedkar, the architect of the Constitution, rejected it, proving and holding it to be anti-national.

Late Jawaharlal Nehru and late Indira Gandhi had also termed this demand as unreasonable. In 1995, a 10-day Dharna on this demand was organized in Delhi by the X’ian missionaries, in which the late Mother Teresa, who was considered the flag bearer of social equality and service, participated.

Dr. Jain said that the converters have been going to the courts of law after being repeatedly rejected by the Constituent Assembly and the Parliament, but even the courts have been rejecting their unjustifiable demand. In the 1985 case of “Soosai Etc vs Union of India And Others”, the Hon’ble Supreme Court had even clearly directed that the demand for reservation for the converted scheduled castes persons would be against the core spirit of the Constitution.

Despite this, in 2004, once again they went to the judiciary, which is still pending.

Dr. Jain warned that if this illegitimate demand was accepted, it would lead to an accelerated drive for illegal horizontal religious conversion activities; the undercover “crypto Christians” would come to the fore to play havoc; the dangers of nationality-change following demographic-change would increase and the Scheduled Castes for whom the provision of reservation was made would be deprived of it. VHP will run a nationwide public awareness campaign against this anti-national demand.

President of the Valmiki Maha Sabha, Former Justice Pawan Kumar, warning the Christian missionaries and the Maulvis said that their efforts to rob the rights of Scheduled Castes would not be successful. Under no circumstances, the scheduled castes communities would allow the agenda of the conspiring converters to be successful. This conspiracy of X’ian missionaries and Maulvis is anti-national and anti-constitutional. This plot of theirs will definitely be countered at every level.

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