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RSS chief announces Ghar Vapasi will continue

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Kolkata. Kolkata. Describing Bharat as a Hindu Rashtra (nation) and making a strong pitch for Hindu awakening, Param Pujya Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Rao Bhagwat on Saturday, December 21, upped the ante on conversions by challenging opposition parties to bring a law for banning forcible conversions. Gharwapsi, the campaign to help people of other faiths to return or reconvert to Hinduism will continue, He announced.

Addressing the first-ever public rally by Vishwa Hindu Parishad in West Bengal, Shri Bhagwatji  Expressed his support for the anti-conversion bill proposed by the union government, RSS chief asked Opposition parties to facilitate bringing law in Parliament, if they did not like conversion. He also said that if someone does not like to be converted to Hinduism, then Hindus, likewise, should not be converted.

“We are trying to create a strong Hindu society. Those who have strayed, they have not gone on their own. They have been allured and have been forcibly taken away. When the thief is being caught and my property has been recovered, when I am taking back my own property, what is new in it?” Shri  Bhagwat wondered at a Hindu sammelan in Kolkata.

“If you don’t like it, then bring law against it. You don’t want to bring it. If you don’t want to change into a Hindu, then you should not convert Hindus too. We are firm in our position,” he said.

Hindu rising

“There is no need to fear. We are in our own country. We are not intruders or infiltrators. This is our own country, our Hindu ‘Rashtra’ (nation). A Hindu will not leave his land. What we have lost in the past, we will try to bring it back. No one should be afraid of Hindus rising. Those who are raising voice against the rise of Hindus are selfish and are having vested interests,” he said.

Mohanji Bhagwat said that Hindu society does not believe in suppressing anyone. “Hindus have been tolerating whether it is crimes by Bangladesh or Pakistan. Our God says that after 100 crimes, don’t tolerate crimes against Hindus,” he said.

Stating that Pakistan too had been part of Bharat before partition, he said that Hindus do not have a very strong presence there which is why Pakistan can’t live in peace. “Till the Hindus are here in Bharat, the country is there. If Hindus are not there, then everyone living here will be in distress,” Shri Bhagwat observed. He also said that Hindus were strong enough to save their property and honour, adding that “for the betterment of the entire world, there is need for a strong Hindu society”.

Dr Togodia supports anti-conversion bill

Viswa Hindu Parishad international president Pravin Togadia too supported RSS chief’s view on bringing a law on anti-conversion.

“My brother Mulayam (Singh Yadav)… if conversion is a crime, if theft is a crime… if there is law against stealing, then why shouldn’t there be a law against conversion… then why are you opposing anti-conversion law in Parliament,” Mr. Togadia said.

“Even if you bring anti-conversion bill, we will support it,” Mr. Togadia said at the meeting.


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