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RSS cultivates culture and patriotism among the youths – Preeti Natesan, Sree Narayana Trust Board Member

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Alappuzha, Kerala. Board Member of the Sree Narayana Trust (SN Trust) Preeti Natesan stated that RSS has been engaged in silent charitable work. She said this while addressing the valedictory programme (on 19 May) of RSS Kerala Prant Sangh Shiksha Varg. Preeti Natesan is the wife of Vellapalli Natesan, the General Secretary of Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam (SNDP Yogam), the organisation of Hindu Ezhava community, which was founded by revered Hindu Monk Sree Nararyana Gurudev in 1903.

Preeti Natesan said that RSS is a force to be reckoned with. The organisation cultivates culture and patriotism among the youths. She was asked by several people not to attend this programme. Several people consider RSS to be a terror outfit. But, once I came here, the entire impression changed. RSS has been promoting the idea of achieving physical prosperity based on spirituality. These days, parents find it difficult to look after two kids at home and groom them with good character. But, in RSS varg, hundreds of youths eat and sleep together and come out as exemplary citizens. Therefore, it is right to view RSS as the wonder of 21st century.

Preeti Natesan added that it is surprising to see the youths, including students, living together for several days and learn to become real patriots. The unenviable plight we witness these days is due to the fall of the concept of Mata, Pita, and Guru Daivam (Father, mother and guru are equal to God). She hoped, RSS activities will solve these issues.

Preeti Natesan is the first Vellappalli family member to participate in RSS programme. Not only that, she is the first family member of a SNDP general secretary to participate in RSS programme in its (SNDP’s) more than hundred-year history.

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