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RSS Swayamsevak Sreenivasan’s Murder Case – Special NIA court denies bail to 10 PFI terrorists for their involvement in murder

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Ernakulam, Kerala. A special NIA court has rejected the bail application of 10 individuals among the 58 who were arrested in connection with the murder of RSS Swayamsevak Sreenivasan on April 16, 2022, a case involving the Popular Front of India, a religious extremist organization. The court’s decision came after it was revealed that the accused had attempted to store weapons and explosives with the intent of carrying out mass blasts and attacks.

The NIA court’s observations shed light on a sinister plot by the Popular Front of India, aimed at disrupting the peaceful atmosphere of the country and sowing division among its people. The organisation had allegedly devised a plan to accumulate explosives and weaponry for large-scale attacks and acts of violence.

To carry out their agenda, the organisation had reportedly established three sections: the reporting wing, the trading wing, and the hit wing. The reporting wing was tasked with preparing a list of individuals targeted for elimination, while the trading wing was responsible for providing weapon training. The hit wing, as alleged by the NIA in its chargesheet filed with the court, was responsible for executing these activities.

Furthermore, it was revealed that the Popular Front collected substantial sums of money under the guise of membership fees, primarily with the aim of targeting leaders of other religious groups.

The NIA vehemently opposed the release of bail for the accused individuals, citing their involvement in conspiracy and the destruction of evidence related to the murder of Palakkad Sreenivasan. The assailants had attacked and fatally hacked him inside a shop in Melamuri.

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