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RSS TamilNadu – Thousands of Swayamsevaks participated in Path Sanchalan

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Chennai. The Path-Sanchalan (route march) of the RSS was held peacefully in Chennai and across the state on April 16. Thousands of swayamsevaks, clad in Ganvesh, walked to the drum beats. TamilNadu police had granted permission for the route marches to be carried out in 45 places across the State, with the direction to approach the District Commissioners of Police and Superintendent of Police to work out the route modalities. The police made several restrictions like not carrying danda, no slogan shouting, carrying no arms etc.

RSS Path-Sanchalan across TamilNadu was held with around 33748 people (including public).  Kshetra, Pranta Sangh Adhikaris addressed the gathering at 45 places across the state.

In 2020 and 2021, due to Covid pandemic situation, the route marches were not held. In 2022 when Vijayadasami festival was celebrated throughout the country, RSS Tamil Nadu approached Tamil Nadu police for granting permission to conduct route marches in 50 places.

Since the State Govt was sitting on the file, RSS TamilNadu was forced to approach Madras High Court and filed 50 writ petitions to direct the Police to grant permission. The Madras High Court, in its common order dated 22.09.2022 directed the Police to grant permission subject to certain conditions in all 50 places in the State.

However, in-spite of the clear court order the State Government was reluctant to give permission. The State Govt filed 50 review petitions which were also dismissed by Single judge.

Since the order of High Court dated 22.09.2022 was not complied with by the State Govt, RSS TamilNadu was forced to file 50 contempt petitions before Single judge. During the hearing of contempt petition, State Govt filed a status report stating that, there have been petrol bomb attack on RSS and BJP cadres throughout TamilNadu.

Believing this report, Single judge modified the order dated 22.09.2022 and gave permission for RSS to conduct procession within compounded premises in 23 places, rejected permission in 24 places, and granted permission in 3 places to conduct the route marches. Based on the verdict, the police allowed route marches in three places viz.Cuddalore, Perambalur, Kallakurichi which were held on 6th November 2022, peacefully without any untoward incidents.

Aggrieved by the order of Single Judge in not granting permission in other places, RSS TamilNadu filed 45 appeals to division bench and after elaborate hearing, the division bench set aside the order passed by Single judge in contempt petition and restored original order passed by Single judge order dated 02.11.2022.

The State Govt filed appeal against this order before the Supreme Court of India and Supreme Court after elaborate hearing of the State Government and Sr. Counsels of RSS, confirmed the orders of division bench and single judge dated 22.09.2022.

RSS Tamil Nadu approached Tamil Nadu DGP along with copy of the Supreme Court judgement on 12th April, 2023 and requested to grant permission for the march by giving 3 probable dates, viz…14th April 2023, 15th April 2023, 16th April 2023.

The DGP of Tamil Nadu granted permission to RSS to conduct route march in 45 places all over Tamil Nadu and requested the district cadres to approach the concerned District Commissioners of Police and Superintendent of Police and work out route and other formalities for conducting march on 16th April 2023.

It is to be noted that in the Supreme Court judgment, the court has observed that the RSS are victims in most of the cases cited by Police and they were not perpetrators. The observation is noteworthy and is yet another proof that vindicates the fact that RSS holds highest respect for the law of land.

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