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Sangh swayamsevaks engaged in service work, donated 500 units of blood for the injured

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Balasore, Odisha. After the terrible train accident in Odisha’s Balasore, hundreds of RSS swayamsevaks engaged in relief and rescue work. The swayamsevaks of the organization have donated around 500 units of blood. After this terrible train accident that happened near Bahanga railway station, as usual, the sangh swayamsevaks were the first to reach the spot with locals. Swayamsevaks reached the spot by 7.30 pm before the NDRF and administration team reached the spot. Due to the fact that there is a shakha in Bahanaga village, near where the accident took place, a small number of swayamsevaks arrived at first. But at night around 250 swayamsevaks reached the accident site and helped the administration and the swayamsevaks were engaged in rescue and service work. In order not to delay the rescue operation, the swayamsevaks immediately started taking the injured to the hospital through autos and motorcycles. Swayamsevaks climbed into the bogey under adverse conditions and continued to evacuate the injured throughout the night while other swayamsevaks took them to the hospital.

Ravi Narayan Panda, said, “The swayamsevaks, along with the administration and the jawans, rescued the injured passengers trapped in the accident and pulled them out of the coach.” The swayamsevaks took out the injured passengers and put them in the ambulance. The injured passengers were taken to the Baltimore District Hospital. There, under the supervision of Chandrashekhar Mohapatra, the swayamsevaks were engaged in various types of service. Here blood donation was started for the injured by swayamsevaks.

Similarly, some injured passengers were taken to Bhadrak District Headquarters Hospital and Tire Hospital. Here also the swayamsevaks reached and engaged in the service of the injured passengers. In these hospitals too, swayamsevaks donated blood and provided the necessary blood for the injured passengers.

Swayamsevaks were engaged in relief and rescue operations from the scene to the hospital. Swayamsevaks removed the bodies from the bogey. They also arranged for blood, food and water. Not only this, the swayamsevaks also contacted the relatives of the injured through their mobile phones.

Hundreds of swayamsevaks from Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, Hindu Jagran Manch, Bajrang Dal, Sevabharati were continuously engaged in relief work.

The swayamsevaks were engaged in helping the families of the passengers who lost their lives in this terrible accident. Similarly, swayamsevaks were active in Cuttack SC, B Medical College and Hospital. Apart from providing services to these injured passengers, the swayamsevaks were also engaged in contacting and informing their families. Jagdish Prasad Khadanga, and Shantanu Majhi, were present at the accident site.

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