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Sanskrit most requested language on Google Translate

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New Delhi. Google has added eight Indian languages to Google Translate, where Sanskrit stands to be the most requested Indian language for translation. The update comes in line with Google’s move to continue adding regional languages supported by its Google Translate.

Google Translate has included 8 Indian languages in the latest update of Google Translate. The Indian languages included are Assamese, Bhojpuri, Dogri, Konkani, Maithili, Mizo and Meiteilon (Manipuri) and Sanskrit, taking the total number of Indian languages supported by the service to 19.

According to The Economic Times, Isaac Caswell, senior software engineer, Google Research has said “Sanskrit is the number one, most requested language at Google Translate, and we are finally adding it. We are also adding the first languages from northeast India, which is another rather underrepresented place.”

Google Translate has helped break down language barriers and connect communities all over the world for years. Google aims to make this possible for even more people, especially those whose languages aren’t represented in most technology, which is why, today (May 12) Google added 24 languages to Translate. This took the total to 133 languages used around the globe, that are now supported on google Translate as well.

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