करंट टॉपिक्स

Savita Ben Hirani

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Kutch, Gujarat

“Life was pretty good until Covid-19, which completely changed my life. My husband developed severe breathing problems due to Covid-19 and died. Days passed when I didn’t feel like living, but it was my children who gave me the reason and the courage to live.

I was educated, but being a single mother and being sick made it difficult for me to go out to work. But life has other plans for me! When a neighbour told me about Sewa International. I decided to join.

Today, I teach young children how to do embroidery, which has allowed me to earn money and save for my children. I am grateful that Sewa International enabled me to financially support my daughter’s wedding and my younger son’s education through this programme.”

Savita Ben Hirani (Kutch, Gujarat)

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