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SC & ST Students Are Deceived by CPM Govt

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Kochi (VSK). BJP state general secretary P. Sudheer alleged, on July 28, that the SC & ST students of self-finance colleges are deceived by Government of Kerala. GoK is bound to pay the fees for the SC & ST students studying in self-finance colleges. GoK has not paid the fees for the last three years. Therefore, their studies are in deep dilemma. This is a rude treachery to the Dalit community. GoK violates the constitutional rights of the students. Students do not get the college attendance due to non-payment of fees. They cannot appear for the examinations if they do not have enough attendance. If the situation continues, they will have to stop their studies.

BJP demanded an explanation from GoK for the non-payment. Where did that allocation go? GoK have to pay crores of rupees to various govt. colleges. GoK do not pay the fees of OBC and OEC payments for the last three years. He stated that if government continues this, BJP would lead people’s agitation against it.

According to the available reports, the studies of MBBS students belonging to backward communities and BPL sector are in deep trouble. Self-Finance College Management Association has informed the government that if the fee arrears are not paid, this year they would not admit the backward students. BPL Students are expected to pay 10 % of the fees and balance 90 % should be paid by the government. Government has not paid the fees since 2020-21. Since the payments have not been done, students are only permitted to attend the classes, but, they do not get attendance. If the attendance is not enough, universities will not permit them to appear for the examinations. College’s tax NRI student’s high fees for paying the scholarship for the BPL students. The system is to keep Rs 5 lakhs, from the NRI annual fee of Rs 20 lakhs, as the corpus fund. Government has been handling this fund. Management Association argues that the entire amount of NRI fees belong to them. A case, in this respect, is before Supreme Court. Some others have moved the court against passing on the NRI students’ fees to the BPL students. Government use these excuses for not granting the scholarships.

It is Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe Development which transfers the fees and special fees of the SC & ST and OEC students to the managements. Management Association maintains, several colleges have to get Rs 10 to Rs 15 cr in this regard.

It is really pathetic that it happens in Kerala, a state ruled by CPM, a party talks from the roof tops on top of its voice that they stand for the weaker sections of the society. And, they do not have an iota of guilty conscience to keep on spreading the lie that RSS, BJP and Sangh-inspired organisations are anti-Dalits, anti-woman and anti-tribal societies.

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