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Sewa – RSS Swayamsevaks help in cremation of Corona infected body

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Silchar. Covid-19 has been pandemic for entire world. Hence Indian states like Assam having heavily affected by this pandemic. People are more concern and have some fear to work as a front line workers, as they think virus will affect them. All Social places are closed, Social Distancing is maintained, marriage ceremony, public meeting all this staffs have under restriction. Even death cremation has some guidelines from govt. People are not willing to go at death cremation  because of the COVI-19 fear.

A 67 years old man named Nabendu Bhattacharya had died with corona virus. Hence local people of that area stay away from this family to conduct the cremation and accompany the family.

Meanwhile someone informed the RSS swayamsevaks about this hassle. Immediately swayamsevaks went to the Silchar hospital and completed all formalities and accompanied the family to the silchar ghat. Swayamsevaks wore medical PPE kits before touching the body. With the help of RSS worker the cremation was done. They appreciated the dedication and passion of  RSS workers.


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