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SFI again with anti-national poster

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SFI in Kerala is again with anti-national poster in the campus. This time it is Calicut Varsity campus, Malappuram district. There, they have installed a flex board with a defamatory picture. It shows a rakhi flaunting ‘creature’, with human body and head of cow, urinating at something which looks like a distorted map of the country. The foot note reads ‘Modified India’.

The derogative picture is being circulated in social media. Common people are hurt with the SFI’s action. They are very much angry with this sort of anti-national posters with unacceptable posters.

SFI has been busy with this sort of anti-national stands and postures since PM Narendra Modiji took over in 2014. Their ridiculous stands do not carry even an iota of logic, rhyme or reason. They land up at a ridiculous conclusion that anti-Modi, anti-Hindutva, anti-BJP and anti-RSS stands are their rights even though in effect they turn to be anti-national.

Recently, SFI in Palakkad Victoria College planted an anti-national poster as if a welcome board to greet the fresh students to the campus. It read ‘nationalism is obscene’. Despite the college authorities’ instruction to remove the welcome boards, the anti-national board remained there untouched. Again, the pictures were circulated in the social media and it invited the wrath.

Since 2014, the year in which Modi regime took over, CPM-controlled SFI and CPI-controlled AISF have been resorting to the most derogative and defamatory actions against the nationalist forces and the prime minister. College magazines, published by SFI or AISF or both together, carried dirty comments against Modi and Hindutva and nationalist forces.

In one of the colleges, they hanged a dummy carrying the name ‘Narendra Modi’. They asked the students to kick and punch on it. They called it “Kick the Modi challenge”. In another campus, they spread the pictures of the prime minister and compelled the students to step on it and walk. One of those days, this correspondent called a magazine editor to get his version. The call was in the light of altercation between the SFI leaders of his college and a printing press owner. The dispute arose when the owner refused to part with the copies of the college magazines carrying articles with defamatory remarks against the prime minister. Pat came the leader’s reply. He said, they had the liberty to write against the prime minister in the language they prefer. It is due to the simple reason – “Prime Minister is not above criticism”. When asked if they cannot criticise in decent language, he said, it is their option. The political big brothers of these little comrades are not much different. CPM (also CPI) leaders always maintain that it is all freedom of expression. Those who exploit the freedom of expression are always honoured and felicitated by these parties and their government.

That is what happened when CPM leader and Cultural Minister (2006 – 2011) M.A. Baby declared Ravivarma Puraskaram for M.F Hussain who enjoyed in painting dirty pictures of Hindu Gods and Bharat Mata. Because, Hussain had the ‘freedom of expression”. During Sabarimala agitation in 2018, there were reports of Lord Ayyappa pictures stained with menstruous blood.

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