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SFI Impersonation Caught Red-handed in Kerala

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Kerala (VSK).

Keralites are familiar with the muscle power (also money power) SFI deploys to bag college union elections. In some colleges, other student organisations are not even ‘allowed’ to submit nominations for student union elections. But, now a novel methodology – “Impersonation.” It is in connection with Kerala University Union (KUU) elections. Colleges in Thiruvananthapuram-Kollam-Pathanamthitta-Alappuzha districts come under KUU’s jurisdiction.

The report is from Kattakkada Christian College, Thiruvananthapuram. An SFI girl was elected as University Union Councillor from the college and she was tipped to be the candidate to the position of university union chairperson. But her name was not put forward as the candidate for the position of Varsity Union Chairman; nomination was filed by another person, Visakh, the Area Secretary of SFI, who is not at all a Councillor. As the issue was exposed and it turned controversial, SFI leadership removed him from the organisational positions.

SFI candidates Aromal (boy) and Anakha (girl) were the winners to the positions of University Union Councillors. But, principal-in-charge Dr. G.J. Shaiju, reported to be a member of the pro-Congress organisation, gave the name of A. Vishakh instead of Anakha.

It is alleged that impersonation was engineered to make Vishakh the University Union Chairman, allegedly due to the pressure of G. Stephen, the local MLA. According to the rule, names of the winners, to the positions of the university union councillors, are supposed to be published in the varsity website. But this time it did not happen; because, they were afraid that the impersonation would be revealed. Now, the Varsity authorities have interfered and stopped the election process. There are reports that Visakh is the BSc-1st year student and has not contested college union elections at all.

The matter has stirred a hornets’ nest. As a result, it leaked out. Wednesday was the deadline for submitting nomination for the varsity union elections. But, ‘Impersonation’ became a ‘talk of the state’ hence varsity stopped the entire process. Varsity Union elections were scheduled for May 26. ABVP and KSU, the students’ body of Congress, came out exposing the fraud further.

University Registrar has sought explanation from the principal. He is reported to have replied that it happened by error. He gave a fresh letter to the varsity which replaces Vishakh’s name with Anakha. It is reported that Anakha has given a statement against SFI leadership.

University asked the principal to appear in person immediately, but it is reported that Vice Chancellor was away when he went to the varsity. In the meantime, an urgent meeting of the Kerala Varsity Syndicate is scheduled for Sunday, May 21 in this regard. Principal is highly likely to be removed from the position since the issue has been exposed to great dimensions and he has admitted the malpractice. There are reports that Varsity seeks reports from all colleges whether such frauds have taken place elsewhere. Fresh date for the varsity union elections will be declared after receiving replies to the query.

Now, a humiliated CPM has declared an in-house enquiry into the issue. Once again SFI is exposed. They claim to the most powerful student body in the state. The latest incident speaks out the reason behind their ‘strength.’ Their ‘big brother’ CPM and their government have been claiming on top of their voice, from the roof tops, that Kerala is numero-uno in all respects.

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