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SFI Privilege – Failed in B.Com, but joined M.Com

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Kochi (VSK). SFI in Kerala has been hitting the headlines since the last more than a month, all for shameful reasons, like, alleged impersonation in student’s union elections, K. Divya’s forgery of experience certificate, passing the examinations sans appearing, etc…etc… Now, a leader joins M.Com after allegedly failing in B.Com. He joined the same college for both courses. All mainstream media, both print and electronic, do highlight this blatant anomaly. Nikhil Thomas is the accused.

It is alleged that Nikhil submitted a forged B.Com certificate for the M.Com admission. It is reported that the allegation was made by a SFI worker. This controversy comes close on the heel of the controversy arose surrounding SFI state secretary P.M. Arosho’s mark list stating “passed” despite not appearing for the examinations. Arsho complained to the police stating that he is innocent, it was a conspiracy to defame him and SFI. Case has been registered against the principal of Maharaja’s College, course coordinator, two leaders of KSU, pro Congress student body and a TV journalist.

Now, as soon as the issue came to the light, SFI has removed Nikhil from the positions of Kayamkulam Area Secretary and the District Committee member. Nikhil was a B.Com student in MSM College. But reportedly, he did not pass the degree examinations. But, in 2021, he joined M.Com in the same college. It is reported that he submitted the degree certificate of Kalinga University; the course duration mentioned is 2018 – 2021. During his B.Com course, Nikhil was the University Union Councilor (UUC) in MSM College in 2019 and Kerala University Union Joint Secretary in 2020. According to the reports, a junior girl student, an SFI district committee member, complained to CPM and SFI questioning the validity of Nikhil’s degree certificate. She wondered how can Nikhil study in Kalinga and Kayamkulam simultaneously. Accordingly, SFI high level committee removed him from the organisational positions. It is reported that when he was asked to present the degree certificate, what he showed to his party brass was a university letter certifying that Kalinga’s degree certificate is equivalent to degree certificate. He maintained that the actual certificate was with the university.

Now, CPM and SFI are reportedly all set to carry out inquiry into the issue. Nikhil argues that he took Kalilnga registration after cancelling the course in SMS College in 2018. But the question remains: How did he continue as an office bearer of the Kerala University Union in 2019 and 2020? Now, Nikhil raises another argument: He is removed from the SFI positions not due to the certificate issue, but, because, he crossed the age bar.

Now, reports suggest that SFI leadership has summoned Nikhil to the headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram for examining his certificates. There are also reports that Kerala University is going to examine the same.

But, people, by and large, are not at all hopeful about any proper action in this regard. There are number of reasons for this cynicism. Police has not arrested K. Divya even after a fortnight since her forgery case came to light.

Kattakkata impersonation case is almost one month old. And, no arrest. Arsho case has taken a new turn. Now, college authorities, opposition student leaders and media person are the “culprits”.

ABVP workers staged a protest in front of College. Police removed them by force. They were arrested too.


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