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“Sheezan forced Tunisha to adopt Islam”; her mother’s shocking claims

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Mumbai. In yet another shocking claim in the Tunisha Sharma death case, actress’s mother has made few shocking revelations about Sheezan Khan, her boyfriend who has been accused of abetting Tunisha’s suicide. Her mother Vanita Sharma said that Sheezan who is also her ‘Ali Baba Dastaa-e-Kabul co-star, physically assaulted the actress and forced her to adopt Islam.

In a press conference, her mother claimed that Tunisha informed her that Sheezan used to consume drugs on the sets. “There were changes in Tunisha’s behaviour. Sheezan forced her to follow Islam. She also posted on her Instagram that morning but what happened after that, we have no idea,” says Vanita.

Further, she alleged that Tunisha once checked Sheezan’s phone. Apparently, Tunisha caught her speaking to some other girl, post which, both had a fight. Vanita claimed that they broke up because of this. She also said that Tunisha died by suicide in Sheezan’s room. Vanita alleged that she may have been alive after breaking the door of that room but Sheezan may have left her to die.

Vanita Sharma also went on to say, “I will not sit quietly until Sheezan is punished. Tunisha checked his phone once and found that he was cheating on her. On questioning Sheezan, he slapped her. My daughter had no disease. I will not spare Sheezan. My daughter has gone, I’m alone now.”

After Tunisha’s death, her mom had issued a statement accusing Khan of cheating on her daughter, promising to marry her, then using her for 3-4 months before ending their relationship abruptly, even while going steady with Tunisha, he was hooked to another woman.

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