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Shocking – Christian family kicked out her hindu daughter in law after she refused to follow Christianity

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Andhra Pradesh.

In a shocking incident, a Christian family kicked out their Hindu daughter-in- law and her toddler after she refused to follow Christianity. The horrible incident took place in the Andhra Pradesh’s Vizag district. Following which, she staged a protest in front of their house following which her husband was detained.

As per the media reports the victim has been identified as Pallavi and she married to Varaprasad after both fell in love in 2011. She is a B. Tech graduate and both were working in Bengaluru.

When Pallavi’s parents came to know about the relationship they didn’t approve and they brought her home from Bengaluru in 2017. However, Varaprasad filed a police complaint alleging that she was kept under house arrest. After the police intervened, she was given the freedom to go with whoever she wanted and she went with Varaprasad.

When varaprasad’s family promised Pallavi’s parents that they would look after their daughter well, they got agreed to Varaprasad’s & Pallavi’s marriage. The couple were married on June 5, 2018, as per Hindu customs at the Annavaram Satyanarayana temple in the presence of friends and family.

Later Pallavi’s mother-in-law forced her to accepts Baptism saying that a Christian marriage was not possible without undertaking it. Pallavi underwent baptism and the Christian marriage was held on June 28.

However, thing don’t stop there, after marriage, Varaprasad’s family told her that she cannot wear bindi, lipstick, jeans, or nightdress as she was a Christian. She was also not allowed to talk to her parents even on the phone. Even, Pallavi gave birth to a baby girl but her parents were not allowed to see the new born. Her husband and father-in-law threatened her saying that they own lorries and can get her crushed under one.

Meanwhile as per Telugu media reports police have taken Varaprasad into custody.

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