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Shocking – CPI(M) & Congress members in Kozhikode Corporation passes resolution condemning the abrogation of Article 370

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Kozhikode. In an open show of rebellion against the national interest of India, the CPI(M) and Congress councilors of Kozhikode Corporation passed a resolution condemning India’s decision to scrap Article 370.

The resolution was introduced amidst strong opposition by the BJP members who protested that the Corporation must not stand against the interest of India. The CPI(M) dominated Kozhikode Corporation introduced the resolution presented by M.M. Padmavati. BJP had given a letter demanding that such a resolution must not be introduced but it was declined.

The communist members were able to pass the resolution with the support of Congress members. Both CPI(M) and Congress allied to pass the resolution condemning a National decision of the government of India.

Both the parties are against the decision of the Central government to abrogate Article 370. Their rhetoric in Parliament and outside mirrors the views expressed by Pakistan in the Kashmir issue.

While many political parties in the Parliament supported decision, the Congress and the Communist parties have been stubbornly opposing it.

Interestingly, many senior leaders of Congress party have come out in defiance of the Congress top leadership and gave their support to the Central government. The decision of the Kozhikode Corporation shows the extend of the Communist party and the Congress in supporting Pakistan views when it comes to Kashmir issue.

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