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Shocking – More than 4,000 children abused by Catholic priests; report

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More than 4,000 children are reported to have been abused by priests in the Portuguese Catholic Church. Pedro Strecht, a child psychiatrist, released the shocking information. He informed the outside world about the figures of the last seventy years. He clarifies that these figures are only the tip of the iceberg.

According to the reports, most of the perpetrators were adults and most of the victims were boys. They were most abused in Catholic schools, churches, priests’ homes, and confessionals. Children between the ages of ten and fourteen were victims of violence. He also said that even a two-year-old child was molested under the guise of priesthood.

Most of the crimes are committed by those who adorn the highest positions of the church. Then the children are threatened and sexually exploited again and again. Last year, crucial information about this came out. The Children’s Commission has informed that a list of accused priests is being prepared.

As part of this, the commission has informed that the witness statements of many people have been sent as part of the investigation.

However, the commission said that legal action cannot be taken for the crimes that happened 20 years ago and legal action will be taken as per the new law.

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