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SIMI Terrorist Basheer detained in Canada

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Kochi/New Delhi (VSK). C.A.M. Basheer, a man trained in Pakistan and fled Bharat from Aluva near Kochi, has been detained in Canada. He was detained just before he tried to fly out of Canada. It is reported that the former national president of the now outlawed Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), and one of the earliest leaders of the outfit, is one of the most wanted terror operators in the country. Sitting abroad, he has been reportedly controlling the terrorists in Bharat. Senior police officials in Mumbai say, efforts are on for Basheer’s extradition who faces a Red Corner Notice (RCN). It is for the alleged role he played in the powerful bomb blasts in a train in Mulund, Mumbai, in 2003, which left twelve dead and 70 injured. Saquib Nachan, the then general secretary of SIMI, was also accused in the Mulund train blast case. He was released in 2017 after 10 years.

Reports suggest that Mumbai police have started the procedures to extradite Chennapparambil Muhammed Basheer. Police have approached a court in Mumbai to seek permission to collect blood samples of Basheer’s relatives. The idea is to carry out DNA tests for ascertaining Basheer’s identity. His sister has been approached, by the court, for obtaining her cooperation with the procedure.

Basheer is an aeronautical engineer and worked at New Delhi airport for some time. Basheer came on the radar of the investigation agencies during the collection of intelligence about Indian Mujahideen. Living a far, he liaised among the terrorist groups in Bharat. He reportedly operated from the Gulf countries under the cover of the Distant Education Centre of Kerala University. He fled before Bharat’s intelligence agencies could catch him. He used fake passports and moved in Pakistan and Canada sans any sort of hindrance. He recruited Bharatiya youths to terrorist groups like Lashkr-e-Taiba and organised terror training for them. According to reports, he came to Bharat in 2001 to settle the altercations took place among the rank and file of SIMI after the outfit was banned by the Union Government. But the attempt did not succeed.

Intelligence agencies are believed to have got wind of Basheer’s involvement in ISI’s grand design to create a common ‘Pan-India Infrastructure for Khalistan and Kashmir radical terrorists in the Bharat.’ ISI calls it ‘K2’.

The news of Basheer’s extradition chance is really a music for the ears of all nationalists and patriots.

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