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Social Media Sangamam – A First Timer’s Experience

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My Experience of Social Media Sangamam

N. Skandabhirama (B. Design 1st Year)

The fourth edition of the Social Media Sangamam was conducted in the Sardar Patel Auditorium of the Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology. The workshop hosts panel discussions and addresses by intellectuals and experts of various fields of expertise and directs the population who are enthusiastic towards conveying the various happenings across the nation through a truthful and nationalistic approach.

This was my first time attending the seminar and below is the gist of the events that took place and key derivatives obtained from them.


Based on the decided theme of the workshop, a panel of experts from various professions was invited to deliver talks on various aspects that the main theme would encompass.

The topic of Freedom was to highlight the attempt to misguide general public and erase facts about valiant heroes such as Raja Martand Verma and Rani Abbakka of south India who were responsible for safeguarding the entire west coast of the nation from the tyrant Portuguese invaders who followed Vasco-DaGama into India.

The topic highlights as to how the valiant resistance of the southern rulers towards foreign invaders has been side-lined by the colonial rule of the British, internally dividing the nation into segregated areas based on the geographical positions. It shows how much the nation’s mind has been pigeonholed into looking into its impressive and wondrous history through the forceful convolutions of the British. How the heart and soul of the nation was wrenched and left to bleed, the staggering drop of the nation’s economic grip on the trade in the period of 190 years of colonial rule, explains the robbery of the British under the pretext of providing law and order to the already orderly Indian society.

The session expressed concern over how until date the unlawful and inhuman activities performed by the British sent tremors across the nation, affecting stability through internal enemies who benefit from the crumbling of the nation, targeting the Varna system, sowing seeds of religious conflict and to fragment essential and important parts of the nation which trickled down into the current narratives.

About how much of infiltration has been done by anti-national minds deep into the system of information, polluting thought processes clear explanations alongside proofs about how the ecosystem works to determine which pieces of information to convey to public and what to be manipulated and be used to mislead and misguide individuals who have minimal knowledge on nationalism.

The rigorous attempts to highlight simple people such as Chakali Ilamma, who originally stood as a representative of freedom, fighting for rights that were snatched away by the Nizam, instead is portrayed as a revolutionary who fought against a stringent and unruly Indian caste system under the spotlight of the communist propaganda. Iterating on the events of Operation Polo and how the entire Left ecosystem works to display it as a massacre of Muslims by the hands of the Indian Army under Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel as the ‘Annexation of Hyderabad’, shadowing and sympathizing the gory actions of the RAZAKHARS and presenting them as victims of merciless wrath of the police. This also goes to show the efficient method by which any unauthorized source is tagged as a ‘respectable source of information’ and turmoil and anti-nationalism are instigated in the youth.

The release of ‘Kashmir Files’ and its ravaging impact steered the direction of the problem and much more discussion was done on the various activities being conducted in the Kashmir Valley ever since they faced the grim genocide and were pushed into living as refugees of the country. Honest facts on the mental impact and how PTSD took over the minds and lifestyle of Kashmiri Pandits post the grim events of 1990 show as to what extent they were denied their rights; attempts by professors and scholars such as Nivedita Menon from eminent institutions of the country and to tamper with legitimate facts to destabilize the Indian conscience goes to show the amount of infiltration done deep into the education system.

However, a new ray of hope has emerged in the form of service camps by SAKSHAM and this positive information also brought with it the disturbing facts about the inhuman treatment meted out to them in the past and how the death toll due to harsh natural conditions, glaucoma patients unable to receive medication, deaths due to scorpion and snake bites, grim memories of loved ones being butchered to death.

All of these factors leading to a mentally scarred and scared Kashmiri Pandit whose voice locked in the walls of injustice and corrupt political practices. The facts go on to show how even the healthcare and well-being of the nation is occupied by anti-nationals and facts are tweaked and manipulated, as was seen, for example, in the KUMBH MELA propaganda.

Credits to the power of social media, all the unheard and lost facts are being brought to surface and the Left ecosystem is trying to subdue any existing honest facts which show the plight of Hindus across the country. Desperate efforts being made to cut away roots and to shield misguided youth through the form of social media propaganda, by targeting the cultural ethos and the Indic Values that have been in practice in households. It is on us to secure our future to stand as a nation which stands by its integral Indic values by identifying and countering misleading posts and campaigns and bringing up legitimate facts and shunning opposition voices. To use the power of social media to bring about a change and shift in narratives towards a nation minded youth and society is the crux of the discourse at the social media Sangamam.

VSK Telangana

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