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Speaker AN Shamseer’s anti-Hindu remarks – NSS adopts strong stand; will opt for legal action if government does not intervene in the issue

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Kerala. Nair Service Society (NSS) has released a statement in which the organization reiterates its demand that Speaker, AN Shamseer, must withdraw his anti-Hindu remarks and tender an apology. The statement says that the Speaker withdraw the remarks that have hurt the devotees.

The statement also seeks government intervention in the issue. And, if the government does not initiate any action, then the organization will move the court.

The NSS said that Shamseer and the communist party have said that they would neither correct nor tender an apology for insulting Lord Ganapathi. The response by the Speaker in the issue was just beating around the bush. These responses are not enough to solve the pain caused to the devotees.

The police took action against a peaceful demonstration. The NSS have already approached the High Court.

NSS General Secretary, G Sukumaran Nair, said that there has been no response from the part of the government in the controversial anti-Hindu remarks by the Speaker. There is a strong protest against this. The government must take quick action before the situation turns worse. If the government doesn’t take action, then NSS will look for legal option to protect the beliefs.

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