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Spiritual thoughts have the power to enrich human life – Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Ji

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Nashik. “Indian culture is bound by spiritual and material thoughts. There is no equal thought in these two activities, in the same way, acceptance and rejection also depends entirely on the individual. Through sadhus, mahants, mahatmas one can reach this idea and these thoughts enrich human life.” RSS Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Ji, speaking at Swami Savitanandji’s Amrit Mahotsav.

On behalf of the Swami Savitanandji Amrit Mahotsav Samiti of Tarsada and the family of the seekers, today the celebration of Swami Savitanandji’s Amrit Mahotsav concluded in the ‘Nakshatra’ lawns. Swami Savitanandji was honored by giving him a Mantra, a shawl. A special memorial publication was also done in the auspicious hands of Dr. Bhagwat Ji on the occasion of this function.

Speaking at the event, he further said, “Savitanand Swamiji and the RSS have a very strong indebtedness, (strong relations) and no matter how many objections come, this relationship will continue, not only that, it will continue to grow more and more,” quoting Dr. Bhagwatji further said, “We have to keep in mind today’s time flow. It is difficult to decide whether to accept or reject spiritual, material thoughts.

Even the scientific truth point of view, which is seen in front, will accept the same thing or not; This cannot be said! By renouncing everything and accepting a spiritual life, the sages and mahants continue to work to teach the society through their thoughts.

Life (Prapancha) does not happen without Paramarth, it is true, still one can attain dispassion through contemplation and contemplation of God, but all this happens according to the circumstances,” he said.

The new generation needs direct experience. Whatever one may say about ancient Indian culture, but it is true that Indian culture and tradition seems to be piercing every thread. We can say that Indian culture started before ages, but today’s new generation is very smart, curious.

Not ready to accept anything very easily. They have to be explained on the basis of logic, proof, all these things, only then they believe, so if we have knowledge of various things, then we can fulfill their curiosity. Indian thought, culture, tradition, this is our heritage.

Efforts are being made to give this heritage of saints through the medium of kirtans, pravachans, discourses.

Sadhaks will have to do work like parachute

Swami Savitanandji explained the importance of life by various examples. The divine light reaches everywhere and we are just bulbs, this thing has to be kept in mind. We are expressed by our thoughts, ‘Yad yada hi Dharmasya..’

The philosophy of life has been told by the verses of this Gita, but this situation is different. Just as the parachute does its work by moving from one place to another, similarly the work of publicity and broadcasting should be done by the seekers from place to place. A line is formed after joining the two points. According to this point principle, we have to do the work of maintaining patriotism with the worship of God,” Swami Savitanandji expressed his thoughts in these words.

In the beginning of the ceremony, the message of Vidya Narsingh Bharati Shankaracharya was greeted.



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  1. When are are speaking from the soul considering surrounding than we can see from open eyes we always on the path of progress of humanity not personal prosperity, it is our Sangh.

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