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Sri Padmanabha Swami temple,Hindu interest is supreme: P Parameswaran

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Press Release:

Once again Sri Padmanabha Swami temple is in the eye of a big storm following the report and recommendations of honourable Amicus Curiae. First it was Mr C V Ananda Bose who let the ghost out of the pot. His publicity mania in releasing inflated account of the treasure in the temple led to all sorts of views and opinions, suggestions and scapegoats. Had he continued himself to strictly and methodologically adhere to the issues entrusted to him and submitted a truly genuine account before the Supreme Court probably the issues would have been sorted out by this time. But obviously he had other objectives before him.

This was followed by the appointment of Amicus Curiae by the Supreme Court. Strangely and suddenly there started a process of realignment of proponents and opponents of Ananda Bose’s exaggerated report. Some of those who strongly opposed Ananda Bose started shifting loyalties apparently for no other reasons than opportunistic self interest.

The second storm of controversy now blowing is based on Amicus Curiae’s report. Very few have studied the report excepting the selective excerpts which appeared in newspapers. Now it is a free for all. Oommen Chandy as the Chief Minister, P C George in the capacity of Chief Whip and Thomas Isaac, an aspirant for the office of Finance Minister in the probability of an LDF Government in the future, have all contributed their mite to the controversy. The royal family which is at the receiving end of Amicus Curiae’s report is reportedly taking recourse to the judicial route to prove Amicus Curiae wrong. Everybody seems to be interested in his own interest in mind. The interest of the temple, much less the interest of the devoted Hindu society gets the least priority. Powerful lobbies loudly advocate either a Government takeover or entrusting the administration of the temple to a Government-controlled governing body. None of them would ever dare even to think of such a step in the case of other religious institutions. Temples under such Government sponsored bodies are not exactly shining examples of how religious institutions should be. The repeated incidents of brutal violence in temples like Guruvayur should be enough to call the bluff.

It is time to declare that only Hindus who are genuine believers are entitled to administer the temple, of course, subject to strict supervision by appropriate authorities like the higher judiciary to ensure a corruption free administration. It is truly said Sri Padmanaha is not actually sleeping although he pretends to be. The same is true of Hindu society which is no longer in stupor. It is for them to boldly and unitedly to come out and assert their inalienable right to be the vital part of the Governing body which will come into being shortly.


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