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SSI Wilson murder Case – NIA Files Charge-sheet Against Six Islamist terrorists including members of ISIS

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Accused wanted to wage violent Jihad in India and bring Islamic Rule

New Delhi. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on July 10 filed charge-sheet before Special NIA Court in Chennai against 6 Islamist terrorists in the Special Sub-Inspector Wilson murder case. The accused terroroists are Abdul Shameem, Y. Thowfeek, Khaja Mohideen, Mahboob Pasha, Ejas Pasha and Jaffar Ali. The NIA has issued a press release on the developments in the case.

Murder of SSI Wilson

On January 8th this year, Special Sub-Inspector of Kaliyakkavilai Police station was shot and stabbed to death by Abdul Shameem and Thowfeek while the officer was performing duty at Kaliyakkavilai Market Road check post. After the arrest of the Islamists on 15th January, 2020, it was revealed that they had committed the murder of the SSI with the intention to create terror in the minds of people, including Police, as part of waging violent jihad.

A case was originally registered at Kaliyakkavilai Police station but was later transfered to the NIA on 1st February, 2020 and investigation was taken over from Tamil Nadu Police. During NIA investigation, the roles of other accused viz. Khaja Mohideen, Mahboob Pasha, Ejas Pasha and Jaffer Ali in the larger conspiracy were revealed and they were arraigned as accused in the case.

The NIA press release on July 10, reveals that Khaja Mohideen was a member of the dreaded Islamist terrorist organization Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)/Daish. Since May, 2019, he had radicalized Abdul Shameem and Thowfeek, on the jihadi ideology and recruited them into his terrorist gang to carry out violent attacks against establishment especially Police, in Tamil Nadu, to bring Islamic Rule or Shariah.

Arms for Violent Jihad and Islamic Rule

In October, 2019, Khaja Mohideen had also instructed Mahboob Pasha and Ejas Pasha of Bengaluru and Jaffer Ali of Cuddalore to procure illegal fire arms and prohibited ammunition for carrying out attacks. After mid-December, 2019, on instructions of Khaja Mohideen, the terrorists Abdul Shameem and Thowfeek were sheltered in Karnataka and Maharashtra by Mahboob Pasha and they were subsequently provided illegal fire arms and prohibited ammunition.

In early January, 2020, when Tamil Nadu police arrested the associates of Mahboob Pasha at Bengaluru and started pursuing Khaja Mohideen, Mahboob Pasha, Jaffer Ali and others, Khaja Mohideen instructed Abdul Shameem and Thowfeek to attack Tamil Nadu Police at check posts along inter-state border in Kanyakumari district. This was revelaed during the NIA investigation in the case.

Consequently, the terrorists had travelled to Kaliyakkavilai on 8th January, 2020 and knowingly attacked Special Sub-Inspector Sh. Wilson (who was performing duty at Market Road Check Post) at around 21:20 Hrs. After committing the terrorist act, they escaped towards Kerala and concealed the knife and illegal fire-arm used in the attack near Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) Bus Stand in Thriuvananthapuram and Ernakulam, respectively. The terrorists further proceeded to Kozhikode, changed their appearance and then travelled to Maharashtra to live in disguise before returning to Udupi in Karnataka, where they were arrested on Jan 15, 2020.

The NIA is continuing its investigation in the case to ascertain the involvement of others and organisations which subscribe to the same ideology.

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