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Super Power’s hypocrisy

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Satish B Marathe

A stark reality that the US has two sets of yardsticks and standards, one for herself and another for others, as far as protecting self-interest is concerned, has once again come to fore. All these years, post world war-2, Bharat has been the victim of this blatantly unjust American policy, to restrict Bharat’s rise beyond certain limit. Its quest to leverage it’s relations with Bharat and Pakistan, super power  has thrown its weight behind fundamentalist, bigoted Pakistan rather than free Indian democratic nation state. The history of super power reveals that it can go to any extent to safe guard the self-interest, even at the cost of others.

Bharat produced ample evidence of active involvement of double agent, David Colman Headley in 26/11 Mumbai attack to America. He was one of the key master mind of this horrible, well planned attack launched by Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI, which shook Bharat’s economic capital, killing 166 innocent people, six of them of American nationality. Headley was arrested by the US Government at Chicago on 3 October, 2009. Bharat has an extradition treaty with the US. In spite of our repeated request America refused to hand-over Headley to Bharat and to face a fair trial as per the law of the land. It was obvious that Headley had to face trial in Bharat as he committed crime against the Bharat for its breakup and causing the grave damage, as per law of the land.

The US denied this legitimate right only to conceal its intimacy with ISI. It is a fact that unless Headley is brought back to Bharat, 26/11, trial cannot be taken to the logical end. Super power has been the main obstacle in this regard. The US did not pay any heed to our demand. In contrast, America entered into the deal with Headley, in violation of US law provisions, much to our annoyance.

It is pertinent to draw the attention of the readers towards the plea raised by relatives of those American citizens who were killed in Taj Hotel attack. They raised a point in US court, how could the court accept Headley’s plea bargain when he had been involved in killing of Americans abroad? By US law, a plea bargain by killer of Americans is never accepted. Why was it done this time? (Source- A book, Headley and I, written by S Hussain Zaidi- Page no- 192)

In this backdrop American bid to extradite an Bharatiya national, Nikhil Gupta from Czeck Republic on 14 June raises many questions that puts super power in dock. Gupta was arrested by Czeck Government last year. Nikhil Gupta was produced before the US federal court on 18th June. US had levelled charges against Gupta of being involved in plots to assassinate separatists Gurpatwant Singh Pannu. On being produced before the court, Gupta denied charges levelled against him. Government of Bharat denied its involvement in such case and has instituted an investigation into the allegation. US refused to co-operate and initiate any investigation on the evidence provided by us in David Headley’s matter.

In such sensitive cases, Government of Bharat can have compulsions and limitations to place certain facts in public domain. However, that does not prevent Bharatiya intellects and Indian diaspora in US to expose the American double standard and duplicity to save its skin and use human rights tool to whip others selectively. Bharatiya voters in America can certainly ask this question to both Democratic and Republican candidate during this year’s Presidential election. The silence of so-called free US media in this respect is appalling, to say the least.

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