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Super Vasuki – Longest & heaviest freight train with 6 engines, 295 wagons

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New Delhi. Indian railways are on the verge of revolutionary changes. On August 15, the Indian Railways conducted a test run of its latest train called Super Vasuki.

The train run by the South East Central Railway has several unique features. Later a video shared by the Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw has also captured people’s imaginations. Here’s all about Super Vasuki…..

1). The train is 3.5 km long making it the longest train in the country.

2). During the test run, the train had six locos, 295 wagons and of 25,962 tonnes gross weight, making it the longest and heaviest freight train ever run by the Railways.

3). The train was formed by amalgamating five rakes of goods trains as one unit.

4). According to officials, the amount of coal carried by Super Vasuki is enough to fire 3000 MW of power plant for one full day. This is three times the capacity of existing railway rakes (90 cars with 100 tonnes in each) which carries about 9,000 tonnes of coal in one journey.

5). The train took 11.20 hours to cover a distance of 267 km.


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