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Tablighi Jamaat – 960 foreign Tablighi members blacklisted from travelling to India for 10 years

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New Delhi. The Central Government has taken a major decision whereby it has blacklisted more than 960 foreign members of Tablighi Jamaat from travelling to India for ten years.

According to the sources, the Home Ministry has taken the action for their involvement in the activities of Tablighi Jamaat.

The Tablighi Jamaat was headed by Maulana Saad and now he along with his sons and several Tablighi Jamaat members are under radar of the government for defying lockdown norms and organising a religious congregation at Nizamuddin Markaz.

The Home Ministry had last month blacklisted and cancelled visas of at least 960 foreign Tablighi Jamaat activists. The action against them was taken after over 2,300 activists, including 250 foreigners of the Islamic organisation, continued to live at its headquarters despite the 21-day lockdown imposed to check the spread of coronavirus.

Most of these foreigners came to India on a tourist visa, which prohibits involvement in any religious activities. The government later decided not to issue a tourist visa to any foreigner who wishes to visit India and take part in Tablighi activities.

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