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    Stop Appeasement Politics at the cost of Citizens Health

    Mumbai. We are all aware about the grave danger and loss of thousands of lives due to the pandemic Conrona Virus i.e Covid 19 accross the world, Maharashtra also lost some precious lives due to this dangerous virus, Mumbai the Capital of Maharashtra is also the Financial Capital of Bharat and an International City with large number of International Travelers coming each day. A circular was issued two days b ...

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    VHP demands severe action against Corona Factory – Nizamuddin Markaz

    New Delhi. The incident of Nizamuddin Markaz is very shameful and unfortunate. It seems that this incident may shatter the 18-day struggle against the novel coronavirus and the achievements of the pan-India lockdown. In the name of Ijtema, the Tablighis in their thousands from 25 countries of the world and India were gathered at the Nizamuddin Markaz for many days. Now more than 15-hundred of them are hidin ...

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    Call of Saints to defeat the Corona pandemic

    New Delhi. Our country has been fighting the deadly novel Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic. Many countries of the world are also greatly suffering from the fatal consequences of the outbreak of this pandemic. The Government of Bharat and all the State Governments are taking timely necessary action to overpower it. Fortunately, the whole country is united and fully supporting the administration and the heroe ...

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    VHP Appeals – None should remain hungry during the Corona crisis

    New Delhi. The whole of Bharat is waging a war against Corona virus (COVID-19). The entire country as one made the ‘Janata Curfew’ (‘People’s Curfew’) a success. The way the entire country expressed its gratitude to the medical fraternity and the other essential services providers by clapping and also playing plates, bells, conches, etc., at 5 pm yesterday, it quite demonstrated its anti-corona war resoluti ...

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    Hoist saffron flag and celebrate Shri Ram Mahotsav safely – VHP

    New Delhi. The Vishva Hindu Parishad has made some necessary changes in the formats and templates of the Shri Ram Mahotsav celebrations scheduled across the country from the coming Varsh-Pratipada (March 25) to Hanuman Jayanti (April 08), in view of the pandemic of novel Corona virus (COVID-19). VHP's Central Secretary General Milind Parande said that in view of the rising corona virus infection cases in th ...

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    Won’t let Birsa Munda’s holy land to become hotbed of missionary atrocities – Milind Parande

    Church warned against dividing tribal Hindu society New Delhi. Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) has warned the Christian missionaries from destroying the ancient culture and indigenous religion of the tribals as well as trafficking their children in Bhagwan Birsa Munda's own holy land. VHP Secretary General Milind Parande said that Christian missionaries are enticing the Krishna-like powerful tribal community in ...

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    Mamata Govt. remains mute spectators when tribal’s Mass marriage in Malda attacked

    VHP demands action against attackers & their conspirators Malda. VHP demands action against the attackers & its conspirators on mass marriage of 133 Tribal couples in a village near Malda district of West Bengal yesterday. Addressing a press conference, Achchutanand of VHP Bengal said that we are running thousands of Sewa Karya (service projects) in the field of health, education, women empowerment, ...

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    Patna – Jihadis attack Saraswati immersion procession, Idol broken, bullets fired and bombs thrown

    In yet another instance of intolerance towards Hindu beliefs, Jihadis in Patna have attacked the Saraswati immersion procession in Ashok Rajpath area of the city. VHP has twitted the video of the attack where the attack and ensuing commotion can be seen. VHP sources say that the attack was preplanned and lasted for over two hours. The Jihadi attack has left several people who were part of the procession inu ...

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    New Delhi. “The violence being perpetrated in the country under the cover of so-called protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is becoming unbearable!” said Milind Parande, International Secretary General of Vishwa Hindu Parishad. Expressing his strong retort to these ill-advised and misplaced protests, he said, whereas on the one hand deadly attacks are being mounted openly on Hindus in places ...

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    VHP has a presence in 60,000 places in Bharat and organizational base in 29 countries – Milind Parande, Secretary General

    Indore. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has a presence in around 60,000 places in Bharat and has its organizational base in 29 countries. VHP runs more than 1 lakh service projects in the fields of education, health, economic, self- dependence, women empowerment and skill development programmes. Plans are afoot to enhance these service projects in the Malwa region too. While addressing a press conference in ...

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