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Taljai Shibir Pune – Forty years Since the Resonance of Mantra of ‘All Hindus Are One’

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Four Decades Completed to the Camp of 35 thousand Swayamsevaks on Taljai Plateau

Pune. The 40 years will be completed on Saturday (14 January) to the Prant Shibir organised by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh on the Taljai Hill in Pune. The camp was held on the 200-acre land on the Taljai Plateau and 35 thousand swayamsevaks had attended this camp held on 14, 15 and 16 January 1983.

Memories of that camp are being rekindled by the swayamsevaks on the occasion of completion of the four decades to the program.

Prant Karyavah of RSS Paschim Maharashtra Dr. Pravin Dabadghav informed on Friday that the swayamsevaks had gathered for this camp from 40 towns in Pune city, west Maharashtra, Mumbai, Konkan, Goa, Sambhajinagar, Marathwada, Nashik and Khandesh areas. Hundreds of swayamsevaks were toiling on the Taljai Plateau for two months for the management of this camp.

For the swayamsevaks who participated in the camp, 36 self-contained areas (nagar) were erected and arrangements of residence and food of 1000 swayamsevaks was taken care of in each area.

He also said that all those who came for the camp were offered feast consisting of gud-poli (jaggery bread) on the occasion of Sankranti. These gud polis were collected from the homes in Pune. The mothers and sisters in the Pune city had responded vehemently to this initiative and about 1.75 lakhs gud polis were collected.

Dr. Dabadghav informed that Sanghdarshan, an exhibition depiction RSS’ work and service projects run by RSS, the gate made in the form of Shiv Dhanyshya, two-storied grand dais in the form of earth covered by Sheshshayi serpent’s hood were the main attractions of the camp. Three lakhs people had visited the Sanghdarshan exhibition within three days.

Many central functionaries of RSS, including the then Sarsanghchalak Balasaheb Deoras were present in the camp while famous author Ranjit Desai presided the festival of Makar Sankraman held on 14 January. The swayamsevaks sang the song ‘Hindu sara ek…’ written by Dr. Arvind Lele in unison which was sung by noted musician and singer Sudhir Phadke from dais and composed by noted musician Ram Kadam.

Two grand sanchalans were taken out in Pune on 16 January coinciding with the camp. These sanchalans were also welcomed in the city at many places. The swayamsevaks in Pune are rekindling the memories of this camp on the occasion of its 40 years. Dr. Dabadghav said that a film has also been made which is being showcased through the social media.

Attendance of 35 thousand swayamsevaks, unprecedented response from the society and lakhs of gud-polis affectionately given by Pune’s residents were the highlights of this camp. This camp lifted the morale of the workers and RSS’ work got a huge boost. The camp gave the mantra of All Hindus Are one to whole of Maharashtra.
Suresh aka Nana Jadhav
Prant Sanghchalak, RSS Paschim Maharashtra Prant

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