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Tamil Nadu – RSS demands unconditional apology on a tweet made by DMK

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Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), since its beginning in 1925 has been at the service of Bharat for 98 years with the motto of taking the country to its zenith. In the process, it has been churning out men of self-discipline, character and devotion to Bharat Mata.

While preparing the building blocks for the nation, its swayamsevaks are involved in the development of social & cultural aspects. The people of this country are aware that while the nation is under distress, RSS swayamsevaks are known to selflessly and silently work for its amelioration.

While China & Pakistan were waging war against Bharat, RSS swayamsevaks stood in support of the Army. This act was appreciated by the then Prime Minister, Jawahar Lal Nehru, who during the Republic Day parade in 1963 made the swayamsevaks walk along with the Army. During natural calamities like tremor, flood including Tsunami, when people lost their livelihoods, swayamsevaks were at the forefront of relief efforts.

The nation is aware, during the Corona pandemic, it was RSS swayamsevaks who were involved in medicine, food & various other relief distribution, at the risk of their own lives. Apart from this, across India, RSS is involved in more than 1.5 lakh seva activities without any propaganda, for the sheer service to the nation.

In these circumstances, the ruling party of Tamil Nadu, DMK, in its official X (Twitter) handle has published a tweet on 22.9.23 with the ulterior motive of creating unrest and fear among the people of the State about RSS. In that tweet, it was mentioned that “the first murder in Independent India was done by a RSS volunteer named Nathuram Vinayak Godse at the behest of Veer Savarkar. It is the murder of Mahatma Gandhi, who is the embodiment of peace. It was aimed at disturbing the peace of the country”. This is a malicious tweet without any proof.

During the murder of Mahatma Gandhi in 1948, RSS was banned for political reasons by the Congress. But the ban was revoked as it was conclusively proved that there is not even an iota of evidence about the involvement of RSS in Gandhi’s murder. The JL Kapoor Commission constituted in 1966, after perusing 407 documents and 101 witnesses submitted its findings to the then Central Government. In that report, it was conclusively mentioned that the perpetrators of Gandhi’s murder have no connection whatsoever with RSS or any of its swayamsevaks.

But during a meeting in Thane, Mumbai in 2014, Congress Leader, Rahul Gandhi made a similar charges completely concealing the facts mentioned the report. But the same Rahul Gandhi, when the matter came up in Court backtracked and claimed that he made no such comments about RSS’ involvement in Mahatma Gandhi’s murder.

By connecting RSS to Mahatma Gandhi’s murder, the DMK IT Wing thinks parroting the same lies repeatedly will turn it into truth. This is done with the intention of besmirching the RSS, which is involved in social service in a democratic way. This is highly condemnable.

A State Minister, who is under the oath to the Constitution, heading the DMK IT Wing involved in such acts is highly unacceptable.

This tweet, while aimed at bringing disrepute to RSS among people, must be removed from the public domain and the ruling DMK must tender an unconditional apology immediately, failing which we will be compelled to resort to legal recourse.

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