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Tamil Nadu – Teacher calls Hindu girl student ‘donkey wearing ashes’, force her to follow Christian rites

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A Hindu girl student who presented herself wearing Rudraksha and Vibhuti was bullied by a teacher who called her ‘donkey wearing ashes’. A video uploaded on Facebook by Hindu Munnani, the youngster is shown narrating incidents where she was bullied by Christian teachers because she is Hindu.

Parents of a class 6 student also complained that there are forced conversions to Christianity taking place in the city’s Jaivabai Municipal Girls Higher Secondary School.

According to the child, her teacher once asked her bluntly, “Who saved us by sacrificing their life?”

“Jesus offered his life for us,” the teacher declared in response to the girl’s surprising response. “Why aren’t any of you mentioning his name?”

The complaint also says that when the victim penned the names of Muruga, Krishna, and other Hindu deities in Tamil as part of her handwriting practice, the teacher chastised her and told her not to do so. Police sources have said that an investigation into the issue is on. Meanwhile, the Hindu Front has alleged that forced conversions are taking place in schools.

“Forced conversion atrocities are taking place in all government schools in Tamil Nadu. What is the Department of School Education doing? Hindu Front secretary Senthil Kumar said that if appropriate action is not taken, public outrage will erupt.

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