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Tamilnadu – Hindu is Cinderella in the State

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Chennai. In a Christmas celebration organised in Chennai last Sunday, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edapadi Palaniswami, announced that his Government is enhancing grant given to Christians for their Holy Pilgrimage to Jerusalem from the existing Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 37,000. This announcement comes after a day of kick starting his party’s campaign for the upcoming elections 2021. Here it is also mentionable that this Government has already announced an annual subsidy of Rs. 6 crores for Haj pilgrimage in 2018, barring 2020, despite the fact that the Central Government had already scrapped the Haj Subsidy.

The State Government has always been extending grant for the Christians and Hindus, the govt justified. Hence, Muslims too should be supported similarly and aren’t deprived of their Holy pilgrimage, where they have their Waqf and other Boards supporting their causes.

Does anyone remember that Jayalalitha had, in 2012, announced subsidy to the Hindus undertaking pilgrimage to ManSarovar and Mukthinath from Tamil Nadu? But how many were benefitted or how much of the package reached the Hindus remains unravelled. The irony is : These announcements show, Hindus are the most deprived class where their pilgrimages are funded by their savings, families or pitched-in funds. The alternating Dravidian parties have ensured that Hindus are continuously denied of their legitimate quotas be it education, Governmental jobs and other concessions and grants from the State Government.
It is imperative to note that the standard COVID norm has been modified by the State Government in December first week, to permit Christmas congregations.  Whereas, on the same day of vaikunta ekadasi the public were not allowed in the early morning for sorga vasal in all the Vaishnavite temples. The darshan can be had from eight in the morning, their transparent appeasement is seen here, where no such restriction has been laid for the church on Christmas night.
While on the first day of his campaign from his home turf, Chief Minister also announced a Pongal dole of Rs. 2,500. All this is done only with the forthcoming elections in mind, where their show of generosity is told as an increase from last year’s dole of Rs.1000 to this year’s Rs. 2500. This is only to woo the poor and needy. The vote catching gimmick is so blatant.

It is time we realise the duplicity of the alternating Dravidian Governments, to con Hindus repeatedly and a third party that will stand up for the Hindu cause would be the only saviour for the state.

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