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TamilNadu – RSS Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat Ji unveils Statue of Bharat Mata

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Chennai (VSK). Shri BrahmaYogananda Swamiji has built a Bharata Mata Temple at Neelamangalam Village near Madurantakkam, Chengalpattu District. The Kumbabhishekam was held on 5th May, 2023. RSS Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Ji and Poojya Shri Dr. Yudhishtirlal Ji Maharaj, 9th Peethadish of Shadani Darbar Tirth, Raipur participated in the event.

Later Sarsanghchalak Ji said, “Bharat’s Amrit kaal is before us. We must believe in it. Also, Akhand Bharat is true and eternal. We just need awaken our consciousness to understand this truth. Akhand Bharat has not been divided, it is just that lines have been drawn in the map. During the discussion of Bharat’s partition in British Parliament, Lord Wavell said, “India is country created by God, it should not be divided and cannot be divided”.

Mohan Ji also said that all creations in this world is based on Dharma. From Himalaya up to the Indian Ocean, the entire land of Bharat is created by God. Bharat is Akhand due to its Sathya and Dharma. No body can divide this. Maharishi Aurobindo said, only Sanatan Dharma can guide this world. Bharat was created to uphold this, Dharma. Our Nation was created out of Truth, Kindness, Penance and Pureness. Politics, Arrogance, Autocracy led the British to draw divider lines. If we believe in Bharat, those who left us also will come to us. The Muslims in Bharat say, we didn’t go to Pakistan because we wanted to live here and we will continue to live here. We are living here happily. At the same time, those who didn’t believe in Bharat and left us are not happy now.

He further said, “The Hindu society must work together. We must set to create awareness to set aside the differences. Truth is One. We speak different languages; worship method is different. But these all are different forms of same truth. Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Swami Vivekanand wished for Sampoorna Bharat. These revered saints’ wishes were sown in 1925 by Dr. Hedgewar. Now it has grown as a large banyan tree. To realise Akhand Bharat, people must be awakened, realise the Dharma. We must take Sankalp to dedicate our Thought, Deeds and Material for our country”.

Thousands of devotees, villagers and common public participated in the function.

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  1. சுவாமிஜி நமஸ்காரம், உங்களை போன்ற மகாத்மாக் களுடன் சேர்த்து, தெய்வீ கத்தையும், தேசியத்தையும் கொண்ட உன்னத பாரதம் மேலும் வலு ப் பெற உழைப்போம். நமஸ்காரம்

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