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Temple missing near Kanchipuram; Pon. Manikavel complains

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Kanchipuram (VSK). Pon. Manikavel, a retired Special Officer of the Idol Anti-Smuggling Unit, who came to the Balushettichatram police station near Kanchipuram, said “AD who was in Govindavadi Thirumalpuram near Kanchipuram.” “The 1071-year-old standing and blessed Perumal Uyyakanda Alwar temple is missing,” he complained.

In this regard, he told reporters….A Perumal temple near Kanchipuram has been vandalized and has disappeared from our land. Built in the year 1071 during the Chola era called Parantakath Devar, the auspicious Perumal Uyyakanda Alwar temple has been worshiped till 40 years ago. Later, the temple was completely demolished in the name of temple renovation.

An inscription related to this temple was discovered and documented by European Christian researchers in 1906 (115 years ago).

In the name of renovation, all the inscriptions and idols in this temple have been taken out.

It is a punishable offense for the authorities not to inform the police station that the temple has been vandalized in the name of Tirupani. Therefore, officials of the Anti-Theft Unit, ATGP and DGP should investigate the matter and take appropriate action, he said.

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