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Terrorism – CPM sabotaged T.P. Senkumar Report

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Kerala (VSK). It was CPM government which sabotaged the report, on terrorist activities in Kerala, submitted by Police. The then CPM Chief Minister E.K. Nayanar swept it under the carpet. The report was submitted by T.P. Senkumar IPS, the then DIG – Crime Investigation Department of Kerala Police. The report contained important details about Al-Umma, the terrorist organisation. Senkumar submitted report before the then State Police Chief on July 3, 1997 which contained significant information regarding the terrorist groups operating in Malabar region. Five Hindu leaders were murdered one after one in Malabar region during 1995 – 1996. The consequent inquiries led the intelligence into the operations of terrorist groups.

One P.A. Mohammed Sherrif was arrested in connection with the murder of Kollamkode Mani in 1996. His links with Al-Umma was unearthed as a result of the investigation. Then the allegations came up regarding the involvement of Islamic terrorist groups in other murders also. And, investigation was handed over to Crime Investigation Department. Investigation could gather evidences regarding the activities of Al-Umma and Abdul Nasr Madani’s Islamic Seva Sangh (ISS). Investigation led to Al-Umma through Jam Iyathul Ihsaniya. Subsequently the classified report was submitted.

The report made it clear that Coimbatore native Basha was leading Al-Umma in Kerala and Jam Iyathul Ihsaniya took birth from Sunni Tiger Force launched by Kanthapuram Abubacker Musaliyar with an intention to capture the mosques.

Those days Usman Musaliyar, the volunteer captain of Sunni Tiger Force had fallen out with Kanthapuram. He was behind the blast in Kozhikode

Mujahidheen Centre and kidnapping of Chekanur Moulavi. Sunni Tiger Force led by Usman Musaliyar and workers of SIMI merged with ISS of Madani.

Later on, ISS turned a political party called Peoples Democratic party (PDP). A faction of them joined hands with Jam Iyathul Ihsaniya. These extremist groups are in close rapport with the accused in TADA and NSA cases in Tamil Nadu.

Workers of former SIMI extend necessary assistance to Jam Iyathul Ihsaniya and Al-Umma. They get large scale donations from Gulf countries through their workers living there. They get direct and indirect financial helps from Pakistan also. They do have hideouts in North Malabar, Bengaluru and Mumbai.

Thousands of fake passports have been issued from Kozhikode Regional Passport Office. Lot of people go abroad with these passports. It is also used for recruitments to terrorist groups. These all were explained in detail in the report. Report had stated that these all should be inquired into.

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