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‘Tharppanam’ performed for the Hindus massacred during 1921 Malabar riots

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Kozhikode. 1921, a year which cannot be forgotten by Hindus of Kerala. The cruel, barbaric and terrifying Hindu genocide by Muslim fundamentalists took place in Malabar. Thousands were killed, temples destroyed, women raped and converted to Islam, many flee from their homes to save their lives and their families, many Hindu homes were destroyed and torched. 100 years after this horrifying event, Hindu’s of Kerala have come up with programs in remembrance of the innocent people who died.

A program was organized; ‘Tharppanam’ was performed, ‘shraadha’ was done for ‘moksha’ (liberation of soul) of thousands of Hindus who were killed in Malabar genocide at the same time when ‘Bali Tharppanam’ was performed by people for their ancestors and relatives who passed away at homes and at temples. Many Hindu devotees came forward to do ‘Tharppanam’ on Sunday, August 8th on Karkkidaka Vaavu. Lamps were lit and prayers were done for them by who cannot do ‘Bali Tharppanam’.

These days, many Muslim fanatics who were in the forefront in butchering Hindus of Malabar in 1921 are celebrated as Historic figures and freedom fighters.

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