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The damage that the media can do

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Media and Indian ValuesChennai 24 Aug. In order to show how media has deviated from its main role of reporting the society and instead has corrupted the society, Sri Nandakumar Akhila Bharatiya Sah Prachar Pramuk of RSS narrated a shocking instance that took place in Kerala many years back; Charles Sobraj, the international criminal was projected as a Hero by the mindless reports in highly popular Malayalam dailies.

During that period the survey by a team revealed that 80% of young women interviewed opted to marry Sobraj among the choices given.  Sri Nandakumar was delivering the key note address at the symposium organized by Vishwa Samvad Kendra Chennai on theme ‘Media and Indian Values’. Editors and correspondents from leading Tamil news channels and dailies enlivened the proceedings by their informed inputs. Sri Natarajan, Sri Nijanthan, Sri Nambi Narayanan, Sri Janarthaperumal, Sri Chockalingam delivered their views.  Sri N Sadagopan, Prant Prachar Pramuk, Sri L Krishnakumar and Smt. Ramadevi of the Kendra organized the event.

(source : http://rsschennai.blogspot.in/)

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